47th Sikhs & their Battle Formations

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47th Sikhs & their Battle Formations

Post by hoot72 » 27 Feb 2022 09:25

Good day

I am looking into the history of the 47th Sikh (Regiment?) and their battle formations (coys-companies?) as I had a grand uncle who served in 8th coy whom we know so little about. We know he fought in france/belgium, was at a hospital in Brighton in late 1915 into 1916 and then went to serve in the middle east (possibly mesopthamia/iraq)>

I have downloaded some information from the kew gardens archives but am looking for more information on the possible names of the men in the regiment and any other information that may be useful in tracing the name of my grand uncle.

Any suggestions on where to look other than Kew?

thank you
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