Looking information about my great-grandfather.

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Looking information about my great-grandfather.

Post by edc4 » 16 Aug 2022 00:14


I'm looking for any info that can help me with my research about my great-grandparent.

His name was Assaf Kadri ( b. 187? , d.1945 ) after Turkish surname law change. Before that I believe his name was Asaf Bey Kadri Adnan.
He was born and lived in Damascus Syria and was officer of Ottoman Army . His daughter left this memo:
".... he went to military academy at age 12, as a cadet. His father was an officer, and his uncles. It was a whole military caste. In WWI he was one of the officers of the battle of the Dardenelles. " (http://www.eteladnan.com/reviews/interv ... yflash.pdf)
She also mention that he went to same school with Mustafa Kemal. (https://bianet.org/kurdi/yasam/253792-t ... in-anisina).
I found that Mustafa Kemal went with son of Kadri Bey to same school in Salonika. (His Story: Mustafa Kemal and Turkish Revolution
By A. Dural). But that name was Ahmet not Asaf, but this can be his brother.
He was wounded in 1922 and left to Beirut for retirement.

Any links/help would be appreciated!.

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