Aircrafts of the A./88 in Spain.

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Aircrafts of the A./88 in Spain.

Post by tigre » 15 Apr 2018 16:31

Hello to all :D; reading an article about the "Pavos" in Spain I had a doubt ........................

"Pavas" and "Pavos" in the A./88 during the SCW.

According to Ries & Ring At the end of October and within Operation "Magic Fire" on the German side, the following aircrafts were available in Spain: 20 He-46; 1 He-50; 24 He-51; 2 He-60; 2 (12?) He-70; 2 Hs-123; 28 Ju 52 ; 3 Bf-109; 5 liaison planes; 28 guns 2 cm -Flak; 4 guns 8.8 cm-Flak ........... Later on they detail that: the next unit in reporting the ready to operate was the A./ 88 under Hptm. Heinsius, equipped with 12 He 70F (crew of three men) and also stationed in Seville.

For his part in Condor: The Luftwaffe in Spain, 1936-39, written by Patrick Laureau, the author specifies that: after the bombers, the A./88 was the second unit to be ready to operate and that the first aircraft of reconnaissance arrived in Avila before mid-October 1936 and at the beginning of November 1936 Hptm. Heinsius was able to line up a dozen He-70F and six He-45B.

On the other hand, in his article He-45 "Pavos", Jesús Salas Larrazabal says that: the Heinkel He-45 arrived in Spain after the He-46, He-51 and He-70 and a little before the bombers He-111 ... further clarifies that: the first "Pavos" served in the LC from November 1936 in the reconnaissance squadron A./88 ................. ..

Well, is there any exact date of arrival of these aircraft?

Sources: Legion Condor 1936-1939. Ries$Ring.
Condor: The Luftwaffe in Spain, 1936-39. Patrick Laureau
He-45 "Pavos". Jesús Salas Larrazabal. Revista de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica. Enero de 1972. ... 0752.m1982

Cheers. Raúl M 8-).
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