Jail cells 'made from modern art'

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Jail cells 'made from modern art'

Post by Marcus » 01 Feb 2003 17:56

A Spanish art historian has found evidence that suggests some Civil War jail cells were built like 3-D modern art paintings in order to torture prisoners.
The cells were built in 1938 for the republican forces fighting General Franco's Fascist Nationalist army, who eventually won power, historian Jose Milicua told the Spanish newspaper El Pais.
Milicua told the paper he had found court papers from the 1939 trial of French anarchist Alphonse Laurencic, a republican, by a Franco-ist military court.
During the trial Laurencic revealed he was inspired by modern artists, such as surrealist Salvador Dali and Bauhaus artist Wassily Kandinsky, to create the torture cells, said Milicua.
Laurencic told the court the cells, in Barcelona, featured sloping beds at a 20-degree angle that were almost impossible to sleep on.
They also had irregularly shaped bricks on the floor that prevented prisoners from walking backwards or forwards, the trial papers said.
The walls in the 6ftx3ft cells were covered in surrealist patterns designed to make prisoners distressed and confused, the report continued, and lighting effects were used to make the artwork even more dizzying.
Some of them had a stone seat designed to make occupants instantly slide to the floor, while other cells were painted in tar and became stiflingly hot in the summer, said Laurencic.


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Post by Psycho Mike » 01 Feb 2003 18:49

Fascinating stuff- shows they were years ahead of everyone else. The trouble with physical torture is that eventually people will admit to anything. So by controlling the surroundings, ie the reality, you can slowly get the person to speak. It must have been very tramatic, as no one over the years came forward to talk about it.

Today the Brits and US use a room concept, with colors used to disorient the prisoner. So you could wake up in a blue room, where everything in it is blue, served food by people who do not speak but are all dressed in blue, then a week later you might wake up in a red room. The food and water by the way, is the same color as the room. Eventually the questions asked to the prisoner are about their family. Are the parents still alive? How many brothers and sisters? Then, when you have answered truthfully those questions, they ask more pertinent questions.

Anybody remember the old tv show, THE PRISONER, based on an actual location that England used to house suspected double agents? Still a great tv show about this rarely spoken of side to intel.

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