Dr. Dirlewanger - Legion Condor

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Georges JEROME
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Dr. Dirlewanger - Legion Condor

Post by Georges JEROME » 26 Apr 2016 20:00

From april 1937 to may 1939 Dr. Oskar Dirlewanger (later SS-Oberführer and chief of notorious anti partisans Waffen-SS unit ) served in recruiting camps of volunteers as Cie commander. He saw action with efficiency . He was awarded Spanien Kreuz in Silber.

Any one has more info upon this period.


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von thoma
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Re: Dr. Dirlewanger - Legion Condor

Post by von thoma » 30 Apr 2016 20:12

Here he helped train Spanish crews in tank warfare, after arriving in Spain in April 1937.
For his superior service there, Dirlewanger received the Spanish Campaign Medal, the Spanish Military Service Cross, and the above mentioned
Spanish Cross in Silver.
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Re: Dr. Dirlewanger - Legion Condor

Post by Orlov » 20 Feb 2022 12:36

Los Hombres De Von Thoma. El Ejército alemán en la Guerra de España (1936-1939) Vol. V (Caracas‏: Quiron Ediciones, 2004)
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