80th aniversary of SCW approaching: contributions by members

Discussions on all aspects of the Spanish Civil War including the Condor Legion, the Germans fighting for Franco in the Spanish Civil War.
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80th aniversary of SCW approaching: contributions by members

Postby durb » 18 May 2016 15:34

Quite soon it will be the 80th (!) anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and I wonder if members could take this in account by writing some articles to be published in this forum. As a Finn I could write something about "Spanish Civil War and Finland", if there is interest for the topic. I studied history in the university and made then two papers about the SCW: one was focusing on the "refugee crisis" of the Finnish embassy and I studied extensively the documents of Finnish Foreign ministry for my paper, the other was somewhat lighter work focusing on the Finnish volunteers at both sides so I can say that I know something about the subject. The Finnish military forces were naturally interested about the "Spanish experience" when it came to new weapons and tactics and I know something about this interest when it comes to the Finnish Air Force.

It would be also interesting to know if there has been some interesting recent studies in different countries about their relationship to SCW and what members have personally studied (to make contribution to this forum). What was your first book and what made you to interest in SCW? In my case the first book was the Catalonia, Catalonia by George Orwell and finding out that quite a few Finnish men (maybe not so many in absolute numbers, but Finland was and is a small country!) travelled to the other side of Europe to participate in the civil war of foreign country. Perhaps not the best possible comparison, but the history seems to repeat itself: in our days there is a continuing flow of foreign fighters going to fight for and also against the ill-famed ISIS in Syria/Iraq (even few Finns are now there as foreign fighters). But in the SCW the number of foreign fighters was of its own class: AFAIK, bigger than in any other civil war during the history. It was a international "holy war" for those wanted to stop the Fascist Beast or the Red Beast. And with the usual share of those seeking an adventure or a possibility to make some profit. And SCW was a "test laboratory" or "case study" of modern weapons and tactics to be studied by foreign military professionals.

Here in Finland there seems to be continuing interest for the SCW by some historians and during this very spring a new book was published focusing on the comparative analysis (the analogies and differences) of the Finnish Civil War 1918 and the SCW - also one state TV canal showed quite recently a program based on the memories of one Finnish IB volunteer. Probably something more will come by the anniversary date...

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