Men and women form your hometown who fought in Spain

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Men and women form your hometown who fought in Spain

Post by Tucobenedito » 04 Jul 2017 15:00

I recently bought a booklet/magazine from my local museum. The book contains some details about the men who left Dundee to fight for the republicans in Spain. The book claims that 70 men left here for Spain. Sixteen of them died in Spain. There is a memorial to the dead men outside the Mc Manus galleries in Dundee. I will post some details of the book at a later date
What about your town? It would be interesting to hear about other men form other towns, and also whether there are other memorials to the Republican war dead.
Regards Rich

The book is called. Dundee and the Spanish Civil War, The Contribution of City and its People. It is £3 to buy
Published by Dundee Trades Union Council

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