Was Japan really part of the Axis?

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Was Japan really part of the Axis?

Post by davichi » 25 Mar 2018 13:22

I recall in history class learning that the Japanese could have attacked the USSR in the 1940s and potentially split Stalin's forces - which presumably would have been more useful for the Nazis than bringing the US into the war.

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Re: Was Japan really part of the Axis?

Post by 2ndReichIsBestReich » 23 Apr 2018 20:41

Well, that most likely would've been a better choice than to attack the United States, because the Japanese had a large force, yes, but the Japanese couldn't replace it-the United States could. But whether the Japanese Empire was part of the Axis, I'd say it was more of an ally of the Axis. Hitler thought that only the Aryan race was to be existent, he hated even the Italians for there not being "Aryan enough" (and for there lack of military skills which I can somewhat relate to...). The Japanese were involved with the Axis, yes. But There was no reason for the US to declare war on the Reich when Germany Attacked pearl harbor, but since they had a close association, they did.

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