Abe Lincoln Brigade losses

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Abe Lincoln Brigade losses

Post by rcocean » 17 Aug 2019 02:10

Reading Alvah Bessie's book on Abe Lincoln Brigade in SCW. He states in afterword, that of 3200 Americans who served only 1,300 came back to USA alive. This seems incredibly high number of KIA. Can anyone confirm if this is true or have the correct numbers?

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Re: Abe Lincoln Brigade losses

Post by Cantankerous » 18 Oct 2021 16:28

A total of 681 members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade were killed in action or died from gunshot wounds out of a total of 3,015 members of the Brigade.

Garcia, Daniel Pastor, Celeda, Antonio R. "The Victors Write History, and the Vanquished Literature: Myth, Distortion and Truth in the XV Brigade," Bulletin of Spanish Studies no. 89 (2012): 311–312.

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Re: Abe Lincoln Brigade losses

Post by DunRanull » 21 Dec 2021 16:41

I would have thought the Lincoln Brigade losses were much higher, considering the brutality of the fighting and the political nature of the war- things that lend themselves to high casualty rates. Little quarter was given on either side... and the Lincoln Brigade was on the losing side...

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