Memorials dedicated to the International Brigades

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Post by Hoss » 02 Jan 2006 21:03

That's it. I haven't seen it yet but I hope to get around to visiting it sometime when I'm in Seattle and the University's not in session.

There's a Lincoln Battalion vet who's still active in local politics in Seattle, despite being 90. His name is Abe Osheroff. I may post some quotes and links of his later for the benefit of our less enlightened friends on here. I think British Sapper would like him particularly, since he's a former Communist and a Jew. He's a really cantankerous old liberal, seems like a great guy.

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Post by Booknote » 23 Jun 2007 23:28

There's the one in Washington and one in Wisconsin, (Madison?) for the American lincoln Brigade. For Franco's Irish Brigade there's one in Spain, and a memorial plaque on a pew in Dublin's pro-cathedral in honor of Sgt. Gabriel Lee. There are no memorials outside of Spain.

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Re: Memorials dedicated to the International Brigades

Post by Tucobenedito » 20 Jul 2017 16:50

There is a memorial to the men from Dundee who were killed in Spain fighting for the Republican cause. It is located outside the Mc Manus gallery in Dundee city centre. There was a parade which featured International Brigade veterans at the relocation ceremony. I have photos and will post some later if anyone is interested regards Rich

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Re: Memorials dedicated to the International Brigades

Post by chopp » 24 Apr 2018 02:24

They put up a memorial in the City of San Franciso, USA, about 10-15 years ago. Shortly after, it was vandalized by Anarchists and again soon after. I suspect it has been vandalized many more times. Anarchists -- they hold grudges. :wink:

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