Any tank battles during the Pacific War?

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Re: Any tank battles during the Pacific War?

Post by T. A. Gardner » 26 Jul 2017 21:04

There was the 9th Tank Regiment attack on Saipan which saw the Marines fighting a massed Japanese tank and infantry assault with Shermans, 37mm AT guns, and 75mm SP halftracks.

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Re: Any tank battles during the Pacific War?

Post by Le Page » 06 Dec 2017 08:05

603d Medium Tank Company on the island of Biak:
...Two waves of Japanese tanks, the first with four vehicles, the second with three, attacked 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry Regiment, about 1,000 yards east of Mokmer. Infantry and mortar fire supported the Japanese tanks.

The Japanese vehicles were Type 95 Ha-Go light tanks. Weighing only 7.28 tons, armed with a 37mm main gun, two machineguns and a crew of three, they were little match for 603rd Medium Tank Company’s Shermans.

Two platoons of Sherman tanks were ready for the Japanese in a rare tank-vs.-tank battle in the Pacific. In addition to their light armament, the Japanese tanks only had about 30mm of armor. The 32-ton Shermans had 76mm of armor, a crew of four, a 75mm gun and three machineguns. The Sherman’s 75mm gun also had a far longer range than the Japanese 37mm gun. This disparity was obvious as the Shermans quickly destroyed four Japanese tanks and dispersed or killed their infantry. Several hits were scored on American tanks, but the small-caliber Japanese rounds did no damage.

Shortly thereafter, the second wave of Japanese tanks attacked with the same results. One Sherman’s turret was locked in place, though it remained in the fight. Seven Japanese tanks and 250 infantrymen were killed in this engagement, demonstrating the dominance of American armor in this theater of the war. ... Young.html

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Re: Any tank battles during the Pacific War?

Post by PF » 21 Dec 2017 04:17

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