Japanese control of East Asia WW2

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Japanese control of East Asia WW2

Post by farukhcasy2 » 03 Apr 2020 14:35

Hi all, My question relates to how Japan managed to control a majority of East Asia in early WW2. I am struggling to grasp how they had enough manpower to control the large populations of each country? I read that in Vietnam, Japanese maximum troop numbers never exceeded 40,000 men? How is it possible they could control an entire country, along with others such as Thailand, Malaysia Ect.. Any replies would be appreciated thanks.

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Re: Japanese control of East Asia WW2

Post by aghart » 05 Apr 2020 10:14

In the conquered territories It's called "terror", terrorise the population, swift and violent punishment for failing to obey the law, add to the fact that they were native, isolated, rural and agricultural societies. This would allow the japanese to dominate them quickly. Very little opportunity for an effictive resistance to be created.The Japanese only needed to control the population centres to control the country. In Thailand they were all but invited in, Thailand was not a front line country so only a small garrison was needed. For the majorty of the Thai population I suspect that their daily lives went on as before. The Thai Government was still in place, it was simply supervised by the Japanese. Indo China (Vietnam) was the same, It was administered by the Vicy French who were subservient to and supervised by the Japanese. Again just enough troops were needed to keep the locals in check.

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