Guadalcanal Air Control

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Guadalcanal Air Control

Post by combatpx » 19 May 2020 11:04

Does somebody know how the chain of command looked like at Henderson Field (Guadalcanal)? How the Ground Control / Air Control looked like exactly?

Thank you so much!

Carl Schwamberger
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Re: Guadalcanal Air Control

Post by Carl Schwamberger » 19 May 2020 12:51

The USMC histories on my shelf lack clear detail. There were significant changes between the August-November period when the 1st Marine Div was the senior HQ & after 14th Corps took over. Coordination for a single division in the defense was a bit different than with 2-3 divisions in the offense.

I can say Geiger & his air wing were subordinate to Vandigrift as the ground division commander. The prewar Marine doctrine favored a closely integrated command structure in this situation, with little chain of command confusion wrought from outside influence. I'll check my books & see if there is any detail that might help you.

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R Leonard
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Re: Guadalcanal Air Control

Post by R Leonard » 19 May 2020 17:34

ComAirSols would be the command.

Might want to breeze through ... lomons.pdf
There's a small org chart, page 158. ... 212ea1.pdf
Is a thesis on the subject with a nice bibliography.

Morison has some nice things to say about AirSols on page 290 of his Vol VI, Breaking The Bismarck Barrier 22 July 42 - 1 May 44 (1950).

Later became ComAirNorSols out of fun places like Piva.

Wiki entry for ComAirSols leaves something to be desired in terms of detail and completeness.

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