Legend of the P-40 "Ghost Plane" 1941-1942

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Legend of the P-40 "Ghost Plane" 1941-1942

Post by Linkagain » 11 Jul 2021 23:59

An urban legend is that a USAC P-40 survived the Fall of Bataan 1942 and singdled handly fought IJN Forces until it was shot down by the Flying Tigers Squadron over China...PMore modern versians have it show down over Pearl Harbor in 1942...
See https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4547

As a matter of fact of the 18 P-40s at the time Phillippines was attacked. most can be accounted for...see https://bataancampaign.wordpress.com/20 ... e-was-one/

Incidently years ago there was a History of the Flying Tigers Squadron...
"Ding Hao:America Air War in China, 1947-1946"
I bought a copy to see if there was any mention of the Flying Tigers shooting down a P-40 over China....none at all
Ironically while visiting a Air Force Museum I saw in a crowd of Tourists leaving a elderly beared man with a red baseball cap and a P-40 Insignia..Id Missed my chance to talk to a real Flying Tiger.... :lol: :lol:

Incidently a True Flying Tigers tale is at
https://www.warhistoryonline.com/instan ... an%20proud.

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