British naval yard capacity, Far East?

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Re: British naval yard capacity, Far East?

Post by Fatboy Coxy » 07 Feb 2022 22:57

With regard to servicing a fleet at Singapore, there was also the Singapore Harbour Board, which controlled Keppel Harbour. They had five dry docks, No 1 at 396 ft long, No 2 at 435 ft long, the Victoria dock, 484 ft long, the Albert dock, 496 ft long and the King's dock, 879 ft long, a work force capable of servicing and repairing merchant ships, and a small ship yard capable of building Fairmile B launches and similar sized ships. This obviously could not all be used by the Naval forces, as there would be the servicing of merchant ships to be done as well, but nevertheless, it constituted a considerable extra capacity for the Singapore Naval base, should it be required.
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