US Armed vehicles in the Aleutians Campaign?

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US Armed vehicles in the Aleutians Campaign?

Post by Blorange » 21 Apr 2022 02:27

As far as I've found, the US seem to have only deployed machine gun armed CTLS and M3A1 Stuarts during the Aleutians Campaign. With various artillery pieces also providing support.

The Japanese only deployed their Ha-Go tanks to the islands, so what the US had was obviously sufficient, but did they have any other vehicles deployed their - armoured or otherwise? As in things like armed trucks, jeeps, or even as far as M6 Gun Motor Carriages?

So far going through photographs of the conflict hasn't turned up much evidence of any of this. So I'd be curious if there is any information out there on the subject? Or, well, the US just weren't fighting that sort of battle and didn't see the point.

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