US & Australian Jungle Infantry Tactics - Pacific Theater 1942 -1943

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US & Australian Jungle Infantry Tactics - Pacific Theater 1942 -1943

Post by Richard Stone » 02 Sep 2022 12:28

The attached article discusses the several of the tactics and lessons learned by US Army, Marines and Australian infantry units during the jungle combat on Pacific islands during the 1942 - 1943 period.

The article was printed in the May 1943 edition of the USA professional military reference magazine ‘Military Review’.
Combat Notes - Mil Review -1943 It's InBooks-Jungle-1.png
Combat Notes - Mil Review -1943 It's InBooks-Jungle-2.png
Combat Notes - Mil Review -1943 It's InBooks-Jungle-3.png
Combat Notes - Mil Review -1943 It's InBooks-Jungle-4.png
Combat Notes - Mil Review -1943 It's InBooks-Jungle-5.png
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Re: US & Australian Jungle Infantry Tactics - Pacific Theater 1942 -1943

Post by Fatboy Coxy » 18 Nov 2022 23:42

And they learnt it from the British in Malaya.


Page 442
An advanced party of the Corps had arrived at Batavia by air on the 26th January . It included the commander, General Lavarack; his Brigadier, General Staff, Brigadier Berryman;

Page 443
From 1st to 9th February Lavarack and Berryman reconnoitred south Sumatra and central Java and prepared appreciations of the situation the Corps faced in both areas. 6

Page 443, Footnote 6
"An important outcome of the presence of the advanced parties in Java was the compilation of a paper on Japanese tactics in Malaya which was to form the basis of instructions issued to the Australian Army at home in 1942 . This paper was the result of a long interview between General Allen and Brigadier Berryman on the one hand and Colonel Stewart of the Argylls on the other. It was swiftly circulated not only throughout the army in Australia but to the Australian brigades which subsequently were sent to Ceylon. There a copy was distributed to each company and was compulsory reading for all officers, sergeants and corporals.
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