USS Langley wreck located?

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USS Langley wreck located?

Post by Widder451 » 25 Jul 2023 08:31


A lot of talk about the Indonesian navy/divers finding a large wreck with aircraft ammunition. the ammunition is dated 1933 from Pennsylvania.
Wreck appears to be broken up and about 40-50 meters long.
The waters are dark and rough and the wreck is in very bad condition.

From the Indonesian Business Post
Yudo predicted that the ship has quite a large armory and it carries ammunition and weapons in large quantities.

“This ammunition was made in Pennsylvania in 1933,” said Ady Setyawan, historical diver.

This ship is speculated to be USS Langley, a US Navy’s first aircraft carrier that was operated during World War II. The ship was said to be attacked by Japanese fighter planes while carrying P40 airplanes to Java.

Either way it's a big wreck

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Re: USS Langley wreck located?

Post by ShindenKai » 04 Aug 2023 02:32

Do you have a link to the article?? 50m (164ft) is less than half the length of the USS Langley, sounds like most of the wreck is missing...

Never mind, I found it (is it really that hard to post a link?) ... s-langley/

It was actually finished off by the USS Whipple, as it was too far gone. ... 022-2?op=1

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Re: USS Langley wreck located?

Post by cstunts » 25 Aug 2023 19:06

Definitely not LANGLEY, as she was lost 75 miles south of Tjilatjap in quite deep water (many thousands of feet).

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