Anti Japanese vs German caricatures

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Anti Japanese vs German caricatures

Post by Vance Pollock » 02 Sep 2003 13:30

Studying the Art of propaganda, it seems that exaggerated racial traits of Orientals lent themselves more easily to American hostility.

Often the Germans were portrayed with a similar flavor. There are several examples of German and Japanese enemies together in prop posters. They both usually feature fangs and a bloodthirsty demeanor. I have also seen many "stun the hun" type images that seem to carry over from the Great War.

What is the American stereotype of the Hun? As a boy I remember confusing Atilla with Ghengis Khan... giving him Asian characteristics. Can I ask that this thread attract examples of obvious Pacific theatre portrayals of the enemy compared to European?

What sort of associations were made with the Germans to make them seem foreign or different from the Allies? What is the fine line between ethnic and racial stereotypes, if any, and how does it play out visually?

Tojo "gimme" attached. More examples of Jap and Hun invited.
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Post by Mait » 08 Sep 2003 20:02

Two links about anti-japanese propaganda posters: ... panese.jpg

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