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Post by Barrett » 24 Dec 2004 01:24

A True Story about Geo. Gay.

At the Midway 50th Commemoration in DC, Gay addressed some 200 Midway veterans and historians, repeating his long-time assertion that he was the "sole survivor" of VT-8. As things broke up I saw Bert Earnest walking up the aisle with another gent. Bert saw me and we exchanged knowing smiles, then he said "I'd like you to meet my radioman."

The feisty little guy stuck out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Harry Ferrier, the third sole survivor of Torpedo 8!" :wink:

Last year there was a lengthy thread on the Midway roundtable as to whether Gay could've seen all the exciting things he claimed from his lifejacket vantage. Bottom line: no way no how. Kido Butai was steaming away from him at 30 knots, which meant that by the time the SBDs rolled in, the CVs were at least 15 miles below the horizon.

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