10th Aust Div & invasion of Japan

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10th Aust Div & invasion of Japan

Post by Larso » 16 Dec 2004 11:46

It's been raised before but I'm very curious as to whether newer members might have additional information. The Australian contribution to the invasion of Japan was to be the 10th Division. This has been mentioned on the forum, and I've also read it it in 'Codename Downfall'' and then again today in 'British and Commonwealth Armies 44 - 45' by Mark Bevis. The thing was, there was no 10th Div at this stage. Yet it's listed as part of a force also including 3rd British and 6th Canadian. Does anyone know how this 10th Div was to be created. 'Codename Downfall' implied the 10th was on Borneo - does this mean it was to be raised from the 7th and 9th divisions fighting there in 1945? I'm very curious as to the composition of this force.

Any other info on this out there?

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