What was going on in Korea?

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What was going on in Korea?

Post by Panzerfaust XxX » 27 Jan 2005 20:31

I have not found many resources on this topic, the only info I have found is related to "pre-Korean War Korea". It talks a great deal about Kim Il Sungs leadership of a underground movement againist the Japanese but thats about it. I know Kim Il Sung served in the Red Army. The info on the Pre(Korean)war Korea is alot about underground movements againist Japanese (mostly about the one that Kim Il Sung founded) and the USSR and USA taking Korean, dividing it, then building puppet goverments. What info does anyone have about Japanese and Koreans fighting there in both pre/during WW2?

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Post by zstar » 28 Jan 2005 07:56

I found alot of detailed info on this site http://www.kimsoft.com/korea.htm

They have stories of partisans who fought including rare pictures unseen in the west.

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