Project Seal; the Tsunami bomb

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col. klink
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Project Seal; the Tsunami bomb

Post by col. klink » 11 Feb 2005 03:38

I ran across this cruious article today:

It says that during WWII there were some small scale test done to see if explosions could create tidal waves. The US seems to have bee interested in the results. Some of the documents related to the test were recently declassified after 53 years.

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Dan W.
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Post by Dan W. » 11 Feb 2005 05:33

Very interesting, thanks for posting that.

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Tom Houlihan
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Post by Tom Houlihan » 11 Feb 2005 07:39

So, can we blame the recent tsunami on North Korean bomb tests? 8O

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Post by Darkfire » 11 Feb 2005 19:33

Not likely North Korean. But there have been persistent rumors since the 1950's that the US military has pursued tectonic weaponry, either triggered by large explosive detonation or some form of EM pulses. The type of recent disaster off Sumatra (tectonic subduction) would be easier to create given either of these approaches, than would a similar seismic event at San Andreas for example, where the plates essentially grind edge to edge.

Of course absolutely none of this has been conclusively documented as far as the United States is concerned, but I think most countries with the proper resources have probably at least considered it at one time or another.

Larry D.
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Post by Larry D. » 12 Feb 2005 15:18

Given the way tsunami waves radiate over extremely long distances, I would imagine that using them as a weapon would present major complications in devising ways to aim them and control them. It would be one thing, for example, to detonate a so-called "tectonic" bomb in the Yellow Sea off the coast of North Korea and quite another to prevent the resulting tsunami wave(s) from also inundating the coastal areas of South Korea and China.


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