Did Hitler survive?

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Did Hitler survive?

Postby brianrob1961 » 21 Feb 2013 11:01

I can imagine a lot of people yawning when they see the title of this post, but please bear with me.

I recently bought a book that puts forward the proposition that Hitler, Eva Braun and Bormann (among others) escaped from Berlin and lived out their lives in Patagonia. Firstly, let me say why I bought the book. It seemed to me that, despite the basic premise of the book being crazy, it would include lots of information about people and events that may be of interest to me.

I find some aspects of the book disappointing but, on the other hand, it includes some fascinating information about the way world economics worked to the advantage of Nazi Germany both before and during the war.

Most importantly to me, the whole book revolves around that fascinating and enigmatic man, Bormann. Even if you can't believe that Hitler survived and fled Berlin, can you believe the popular view of history, that Bormann sat in the bunker, day after day, directing a crumbling empire and settling scores with Göring and Himmler for no good reason, only to die at his own hands from cyanide poisoning? So many people in Germany saw that the was lost in 1943 or earlier. Are we to believe that a man of Bormann's intelligence and political skill could not see the same thing and that he made no plans to escape retribution? Indeed, if even a fraction of this book it true, Bormann obviously DID make plans, including spiriting huge amounts of money abroad.

So I see the possible options as this:

1) There was no escape plan. Hitler, Braun and Bormann died pretty much as the history books say they did.
2) Hitler and some others escaped to Patagonia and lived out their lives there.
3) Bormann had the plan, but Hitler refused to go along with it. Bormann waited so long in the hope that Hitler would change his mind that he was unable to escape himself.

One thing that puts me off the idea of the escape scenario is the death of the Goebbels family. Would they not have been included in any escape plan?

I would welcome your thoughts on this topic.


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Re: Did Hitler survive?

Postby Marcus Wendel » 21 Feb 2013 12:42

Please continue this in the existing thread at viewtopic.php?f=46&t=173047


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