July 17, 1943

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July 17, 1943

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7/17/1943, Germans Take Grave View of Situation on Eastern Front, Berlin Reports Red Army Deploying Numerous Fresh Divisions

7/17/1943, Algiers Radio States Allies Advancing All Along Sicilian Front, Navy Provides Artillery Support, Allied Paratroops Land

Invasion of Sicily, Americans Land at Licata & Gela in South, British & Canadians Land on East Side of Sicily

7/17/1943, Japanese Strongpoint at Mubo Eliminated, Dozen Jap Cruisers & Destroyers Sunk, Hundreds of Jap Planes Destroyed

Map, Mubo, Nassau Bay Area (Click to Enlarge)

Satillite Map, Huon Gulf, Papua New Guinea

7/17/1943, Why China Still Resists

China Fights On

7/17/1943, Allied Air Forces Attack Airfields & Railways in Europe & Germany & Power Station in Italy, Seven Bombers Missing

Allied Bombers Demolish Ruhr Industrial Cities with 13,000 Tons of Bombs a Month, 82 U.S. & 269 R.A.F. Bombers Lost in June

7/17/1943, Smashing Red Army Offensive Widens Orel Breach, Russian Tanks Pursue Retreating Germans

7/17/1943, Berlin Radio Reports Allies Pouring Further Reinforcements into Sicily, Allies Encounter Violent Resistance

Invasion of Sicily, First Pictures of Sicily Invasion

7/17/1943, Bitter Fighting in Sicily, Allies Occupy Several Towns, Germans Contest Every Inch of Ground

7/17/1943, Mubo Area of New Guinea Overrun by Joint Australian-American Units, Japanese Dive-Bombers Attack Nassau Bay

Lucky Jap Hit, Bombing Raid on New Guinea Base Sets Allied Oil Dump on Fire

The Allied Drive up the New Guinea Coast

7/17/1943, Roving Reporter: Ernie Pyle Reports from Sicily

7/17/1943, Fierce Clashes Between Glider-Borne Troops & Italians on Sicily

7/17/1943, Late Reports from Sicily Indicate Axis Resistance Increasing, Russians Seize Initiative After German Gains at Kursk

7/17/1943, Yanks Inch Forward Against Heavy Jap Resistance on Munda in New Georgia, Solomon Islands

Satillite Map, New Georgia, Solomon Islands

New Georgia Offensive, U.S. Troops Land on Jap-Garrisoned Rendova Island in South Pacific

Satellite Map, Rendova Island

Map, Solomon Islands, New Georgia, Bougainville (Click to Enlarge)

7/17/1943, Spokesman at Pacific Headquarters Reports U.S. Air Forces Destroying Jap Planes at 8-1 Ratio

7/17/1943, Japanese Claim 20 U.S. Troop Barges Sunk in Wednesday Night's Landing Under Smoke Screen on New Georgia

7/17/1943, Japanese Dispersal on Scores of Islands & Lack of Carriers, Merchant Ships, & Trained Troops Delay Pacific War

7/17/1943, Australian Civil Population Urged not to Relax as Battle Moves Northward

7/17/1943, Germans Launch Vicious Dawn Counterattack Against Augusta, General Montgomery's Troops Hit Back

7/17/1943, Fascist Party Newspaper Blasts Italian Leadership in Sicily, Asserts Sicilian Partisans Fighting with Allies

7/17/1943, Thirty German Panzers Counterattack U.S. Beachhead at Gela, 105s Firing Over Open Sights Knock out 19 Tanks

7/17/1943; Heavy Bombers Hit Industrial Targets in Naples, Many Fires Started; Fighter-Bombers Sweep Sicily All Day

7/17/1943, Leaflets Appear in Bulgaria Saying Allies Have Disembarked in Sicily, Now is Time to Save Bulgaria from Axis

7/17/1943, Russians Pierce Strongly Fortified Defensive Lines North of Orel, Red Army Smashes Five German Divisions

7/17/1943, Algiers Radio Reports British & U.S. Paratroopers Continue to Land in Sicily, German Airfields Strafed

Negro Division Prepares to Go Overseas

7/17/1943; F.D.R. & Churchill Broadcast to Italy: Vast Allied Air Armadas, Seapower, & Armies Dominate Italy; Capitulate Now

7/17/1943; Allied Radios Hammer Home Joint Message to Italy; Radio Algiers, B.B.C., & New York Broadcast at Regular Intervals

7/17/1943, Russians Repulse Fierce Enemy Attack in Direction of Byelgorod, Germans Suffer Heavy Losses in Men & Tanks

7/17/1943; Comiso, Sicily, Liberated; Residents Cheer Allied Troops; German Airfield Heavily Damaged, but Town Untouched

Joan of Arc

7/17/1943, Canadians Enter Ispica, Italian Forces Send up White Flag, Civilians Give "V" Signs, Monte Wearing Beret Gives Pep Talk

7/17/1943, German Radio States Catania Ablaze, Allied Air & Sea Bombardment Leaves Petrol & Oil Installations Smoldering

7/17/1943; Moscow Radio Jubilant, Special Communiques Followed by Red Army Songs & Marches, Russians on Outskirts of Orel

7/17/1943, Algiers' Notorious Casbah Off-Limits to Yanks

7/17/1943, Rome Reports Axis Inflicting Heavy Tank Losses While Fighting Continuous Onslaught by Strong Forces in Sicily

7/17/1943, Cartoons of the Week

7/17/1943, Large Forces of Soviet Planes Raid Orel Railway Junction, Resulting in Numerous Fires & Violent Explosions

7/17/1943, Germans too Overextended to Provide Effective Resistance in Sicily, Geneva Reports Mussolini Has Left Rome

7/17/1943, Scores of Allied Ships Lying with Impunity off Sicilian Coast, Towns Surrender Promptly After Bombing


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July 17/18, 1943

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7/17/1943; Chinese Rep. in Washington Updates Six-Year War with Japan, 19 Major, 852 Medium, & 16,300 Minor Battles

7/17/1943, Famous French Restaurant Maxim's in Paris Now Under Gestapo Management, No Sign of Food Shortage in Maxim's

Maxim's, a Paris Restaurant, 1908

7/17/1943, Occupied Europe Listens to B.B.C.

7/17/1943, U.S. Warplanes Swarm Kiska While Navy Bombards Jap Aleutian Positions in Preparation for Infantry Assault, Part 1

7/17/1943, U.S. Warplanes Swarm Kiska While Navy Bombards Jap Aleutian Positions in Preparation for Infantry Assault, Part 2

Satelitte Map, Kiska, Alaska

Map, The Aleutians, 1942-1943, Japanese Limit of Advance

Aluetian Islands, 6/3/1942 to 8/24/1943

7/17/1943, Processing Coal for Long-Distance Shipping

7/17/1943, Operating & Maintaining Tanks is a Dirty Job

7/17/1943, British Agriculture Production During War: Cattle up 4.6%, Sheep Down 17.8%, Hogs Down 51.9%, Poultry Down 24%

7/17/1943, Publisher of N.Y. Times After Moscow Visit Says U.S., G.B., & U.S.S.R. Should Collaborate for Post-War World Security

7/17/1943, Improving British Hospital Logistics Increase Survival Rates of Wounded

7/17/1943, Book Review, Glorious Chapter, by Wallace Rayburn, On Shore at Dieppe with the Canadians

The Dieppe Raid, August 1942, Canada at War

The Dieppe Raid, Canada in WWII

Dieppe, Canadian Soldiers

7/17/1943, Book Review, Mother Russia, by Maurice Hindus, The Transformation of Russian Thought & Ideology

Mother Russia, Kirkus Review

Maurice G. Hindus, Wikipedia

Red Bread: Collectivization in a Russian Village, by Maurice Hindus, A Review of Hindus' Objectivity and Bias

Review of Maurice Hindus' Red Bread and John Scott's Behind the Urals

7/17/1943, Oakland Acorns Blank Seattle Rainiers 4-0 Behind Ralph Buxton's Four-Hitter, Seals Suppress Sacramento 8-4

7/17/1943, Baseball Standings: Pacific Coast League, National League, American League

7/18/1943, Montgomery's 8th Army in Sicly Breaks Through German Armor Forces & Sweeps North Across Plains

7/18/1943, Goebbels Answers Complaints About R.A.F. Raids

7/18/1943, Russians Enter Orel, Stalin Visits Orel Front & Directs Offensive, Berlin Reports Russians Making Rapid Progress

7/18/1943, Allied Troops Drive on Towards Salamaua, Attack Planes Bomb & Strafe Japanese Positions & Dumps

Satelitte Map, Salamaua, New Guinea

7/18/1943, Russians Turning von Kluge's Offensive into Another Stalingrad Holocaust, Street Fighting Reported in Orel

7/18/1943, R.A.F. Covers U.S. Medium Bombers Raiding Abbeville in France

7/18/1943, Liquor Production Ban May Be Lifted Soon Due to More Petroleum & Less Alcohol Needed for Synthetic Rubber

7/18/1943, Thirty German Soldiers Executed in Norway & 1,500 Sent to Concentration Camps for Outbreak of Mutiny

7/18/1943, U.S. Improves in Three Years from Miniature Army with Leftovers to Vast Arsenal & Troops All Over the World


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July 19, 1943

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7/19/1943; British Enter Catania, Sicily; Canadians Take Caltagirone; U.S. Captures Agrigento, Axis Forces Rally at Mt. Etna

Satelitte Map, Mt. Etna, Sicily

7/19/1943; Terrific Air Assault on Buin-Faisi, Northern Solomons; 200 Allied Planes; 7 Jap Ships Sunk & 49 Planes Downed

Map, Solomon Islands Campaign (Buin-Faisi Located Near Shortland Island)

Satelitte Map, Shortland Island

Satelitte Map, Buin

7/19/1943, Germans Deploy Strong Panzers, Infantry Forces, & Mobile Heavy Guns in Bid to Halt Red Army Closing in on Orel

7/19/1943, American Flying Fortresses Fight Running Battles with Fighters over N.W. Germany, Steady Shooting Reported

Planes of the Past: B-17 Flying Fortress

Photo, B-17s on the Assembly Line, Boeing Plant, Seattle

7/19/1943, Japanese & U.S. Naval Fleets Engage in Gigantic Struggle in Pacific War from Timor to the Central Solomons

7/19/1943, Arrested Fugitive Found to Have Hacksaw Blades in Shoes

7/19/1943, Heavy & Medium Bombers Carry out Four Attacks against Japanese Installations at Kiska (Aleutians)

7/19/1943; More than 500 Wellingtons, Liberators, Flying Fortresses, Mitchells, & Marauders Pulverize Naples, 12 Planes Missing

7/19/1943; Senator Robert A. Taft, Ohio, Says Justifying War as a Crusade for World Freedom Will Result in Perpetual War

7/19/1943, One Hundred American Planes Pound Munda on New Georgia in the Solomons in Support of Ground Troops

7/19/1943, Waves of B-17s Manned by Select Air Crews Bomb San Lorenzo Railroad-Marshaling Yards in Rome, Vatican Spared

7/19/1943; Allied Sicilian Front Pushed Forward; Catania Battle Enters Final Phase, but 15th Panzer Division Guarding City, Part 1

7/19/1943; Allied Sicilian Front Pushed Forward; Catania Battle Enters Final Phase, but 15th Panzer Division Guarding City, Part 2

7/19/1943, U-Boats Suffer Heavy Losses in Anti-Sub War, Less Allied Ships Sunk, United Nations' Merchant Tonnage Increases

7/19/1943, Roving Reporter, By Ernie Pyle, Sicily: Immense Invasion Fleet Blankets Med. as Far as the Eye Can See

7/19/1943, Redbirds Top Bucs 7-4 Behind Mort Cooper, Nightcap Suspended by Sunday Law After 7 Innings, Musial 4 Hits

7/19/1943, Principles of Justice, Honor, & Humanity Will Guide Allied Rulers of Occupied Sicily, Atlantic Charter to Be Tested

7/19/1943, U.S. Destroyer Force Rescues 161 Survivors of Cruiser USS Helena Hiding from Enemy on Jap-Held Island, Part 1

7/19/1943, U.S. Destroyer Force Rescues 161 Survivors of Cruiser USS Helena Hiding from Enemy on Jap-Held Island, Part 2


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July 19, 1943

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7/19/1943, Bastille Day Observed Wednesday in London, Allied Gov'ts Review Parade of French Troops, Shops Closed in Vichy

7/19/1943, Australian Attorney-General Dr. Evatt Speaking Ottawa Warns United Nations that Overconfidence Could Prolong War

7/19/1943, U.S. Population Increases by 1.7% Since 1940 to 133,9550,000

7/19/1943, War Department Announces 15 Western Pennsylvanians Being Held as Prisoners of War by Italy

7/19/1943, Pittsburgh's Hill District Urged to Report Dives, Police Brutality Justified When Criminals Abuse Alcohol & Narchotics

Note: Wikipedia: "The Hill District is a collection of neighborhoods that is considered by many to be the cultural center of African-American life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

7/19/1943; Dr. Darius of Geneva, Switzerland, Reports American Prisoners of War in Germany, Italy, & Japan Are Well Treated

7/19/1943, Three-Hundred Workers at Pennsylvania Woven Wire Co. Vote to Continue Strike Despite War Labor Board Ultimatum

7/19/1943, Catania (Sicily) Ablaze, Defenders Suffering Heavy Casualties, Germans Well Equipped with Tiger & Mark IV Tanks

7/19/1943; Air, Ground, & Sea Warfare Intensifies in the Solomons Over Weekend; Naval Clashes & Dogfights in Progress

7/19/1943, Burglar Breaks into the Craig Oil Station at 1301 E. Shore Highway & Steals 600 Gas Coupons Worth 1,600 Gallons

7/19/1943; Christopher Presdee, of Gray Street, East Fremantle, Robbed by Soldier of £50; Soldier Poulsen Burglarized of £38

7/19/1943, Three Marine Fliers Killed in Head-on Plane Crash North of San Diego, One Marine Parachutes to Safety

7/19/1943; Inferno Raging in Naples; 75 U.S. Liberators Deliver 160 Tons of Bombs, Equal to Biggest Luftwaffe London Bomb Load

7/19/1943; U.S. Navy Catalina Flying Boats Bomb Nauru Island, Leaving Numerous Fires; Jap Planes Bomb Guadalcanal

Satelitte Map, Nauru Island

Satelitte Map, Guadalcanal

Color Photo, Consolidated PBY Catalina, Flying Boat

Consolidated PBY Catalina, Wikipedia

Consolidated PBY Catalina, Fighting the U-Boats

Catalina Aircraft, Description

The PBY Catalina (The Early History)

The Catalina Society

Catalina Catalog, 2,000,000 Miles of Fighting

Official Story of the Sinking of the Bismarck, Shadowed by Catalina Flying Boats

The Golden Age of Flying Boats in Australia

Special Operations Seaplanes: Bring Back the Good 'ole Days

7/19/1943, Germans Report Violent Soviet Offensive South of Orel, Red Army Artillery Concentrates Terrific Fire North of Orel

7/19/1943, Photo, Cards' Outfielder Bids for Bat Title

7/19/1943, Stanley Frank Musial, Once a Star Southpaw Pitcher, Is Currently on His Way to National League Batting Crown

7/19/1943, Sacramento's Clem Driesewerd 1-Hits Seals 2-0, John Pintar Completes Sweep 2-1, Gussie Suhr Gets Only Seal Hits

7/19/1943; Baseball Standings: Angels, Cards, & Yanks Pace Pacific Coast, National, & American Leagues


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July 19, 1943

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7/19/1943, Soviet Offensive Against Orel Smashes into Strong German Defenses, Russians Repulse 11 German Counteroffensives

Map, Battle of Kursk, July 4, 1943 — August 1, 1943

Map, Eastern Front, February 19, 1943 — August 1, 1943

Map, Eastern Front, August 1, 1943 — December 31, 1944

7/19/1943, Russian Quisling on Trial in Kuban Confesses Gestapo Suffocated 7,000 Russians in Gas Vans Fed by Exhaust

7/19/1943, Moscow Reports Eight Russian Quislings to Be Hanged in Kuban for Aiding Gestapo, Three Get 20 Years Hard Labor

7/19/1943, Allies Advancing in Sicily, Resistance Strong South of Catania, Rome Reports Retreat from Overwhelming Armor

7/19/1943; No Australians in Sicily, Though Some Australians Are Flying Missions for the R.A.F. Supporting Sicilian Operations

7/19/1943, Italians Report Allied Blockade Preventing Reinforcements to Sicily

7/19/1943, Monty's 8th Army Bursts Through to Catania Plain (Sicily) After Fierce Fighting with Herman Goering Division

7/19/1943, British Warships Concentrate Most Intense Naval Bombardment in History on East Sicilian Coast

7/19/1943, Allied Casualties Light Thus Far in Invasion of Sicily

7/19/1943, Fascist Party General Secretary to Make Important Announcement to Italian People According to Rome

7/19/1943, Cario Reports U.S. Liberators Stage Daylight Raid on Aerodrome at Bari, Setting Fire to Hangers & Parked Planes

Satelitte Map, Bari, Italy

7/19/1943, Italian General Laveronto & His Staff of the 170th Regiment Captured by Allies

7/19/1943, All Lorries & Buses in Savoie Region of France Requisitioned by Italians to Redeploy Troops Back to Italian Mainland

7/19/1943, Italians Now Admitting Sicily May Fall to Allies Says Swedish Newspapers

7/19/1943; Reformed 15th Panzer Division, Preparing for a Grim Fight, Now Standing Between 8th Army & Catania


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July 19, 1943

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7/19/1943, Selective Service Will Defer 240 Wisconsin Selectees 60 Days to Help Pack Tomato Crop When It Ripens in August

7/19/1943, Mt. Etna Belching Smoke from Lower Crater

7/19/1943, Budapest Crowds Protest Hungarian Participation in War on Side of Axis

7/19/1943, Axis Reinforcements Arrive on Cantina Plain

7/19/1943, Soviet Trade Magazine War & the Working Classes Criticizes U.S. Isolationists & Munich Clique for Polish Plan

7/19/1943, Allied Air Dominance Allows for Dropping of Leaflets Over Italy Containing F.D.R. & Churchill Message

7/19/1943, Italian-Americans Send Message to Italy: Help the United Nations to Crush the Fascist Monster by Capitulating, Part 1

7/19/1943, Italian-Americans Send Message to Italy: Help the United Nations to Crush the Fascist Monster by Capitulating, Part 2

7/19/1943, Strong Formations of Allied Medium Bombers & Fighters Attack Rail, Road, & Motor Transport in Sicily

7/19/1943, Judge Herbert J. Steffes Releases 17-Year-Old Youth (with Extensive Criminal Record) Charged with Pedophilia

7/19/1943, Field Marshal von Richtofen Transferred from Eastern Front to Sicily

7/19/1943, Berlin Radio Reports Light German Naval Units Attacked by Enemy Speed Boats off Dutch Coast

7/19/1943; R.A.F. Squadrons Arrive at Captured Sicilian Airfields Restored by Fitters, Riggers, & Drivers Carrying Sten Guns

7/19/1943, Congress Votes Itself Two Months Vacation at a Time of Grave Crisis & Vital Decisions in a Great War

7/19/1943, Allies Offer Italy Choice of Unconditional Surrender or Destruction, U.N. Will Not Deal with Fascist Gangsters

7/19/1943, U.S. Destroyers in Moonlight Sorties Save 161 Survivors of Cruiser Helena Marooned on Jap-Held Island, Part 1

7/19/1943, U.S. Destroyers in Moonlight Sorties Save 161 Survivors of Cruiser Helena Marooned on Jap-Held Island, Part 2

7/19/1943, Germans Bring up Reserves in Effort to Halt Russian Offensive in Orel Sector, 168 German Tanks Destroyed

7/19/1943, B'nai B'rith Groups Donate to Military Installations in 37 States, Including Rec. Centers, Libraries, Hospitals, Etc.

7/19/1943, Franco Tells Mass Meeting in Madrid that Falange Party Will Provide Just Distribution of Earnings & Profits in Spain

7/19/1943, Cost for German Occupation of France Estimated at 880,000,000 Francs Daily

Note: According to the Wiki Answers website, 10,000 French francs in 1943 equaled about $119. Therefore, 100 francs equaled $1.19. At 880,000,000 francs per day, the cost for occupying France in daily 1943 dollars would have been $10,472,000. ... The Bureau of Labor Statistics website shows one dollar in 1943 equaling $13.57 in 2014. Thus, the daily cost for occupying France in 2014 dollars would have been $142,105,040. If the Germans made the French pay for occupation, then the cost could be considered somewhat like a trade deficit for France. ... For the purpose of a math navigational illustration, the U.S. trade deficit in February 2014 was 42.3-billion dollars, which converts to one-and-a-half billion dollars daily. Therefore, the cost for occupying of France in 1943 would equal about one-tenth of the current U.S. trade deficit. ... Furthermore, the effect of the outflow of wealth away from a country can be illustrated in the following example: one dollar of U.S. trade deficit equals two dollars of Federal budget deficit. In effect, subtracting wealth from a taxable base equals less revenue collected. The U.S. trade deficit since about 1998 has been roughly a half trillion per year. This equals eight-trillion dollars in 16 years. The budget deficit currently equals 16 trillion. Thus the multiplier effect for the outflow of wealth in this example is three, or 24 trillion (eight trillion times three or eight trillion plus 16 trillion). Consequently, the 880,000,000-franc cost for the German occupation of France would have greatly attenuated the French economy during WWII. The propaganda effect on France would have been negative because the French (due to their chauvinistic prejudice against the Nazis) would have been aware of their wealth being incrementally deleted.

7/19/1943, Japan Reinforcing Burma, Chinese Arrested in Hong Kong for Refusing to Enlist in Japanese Army as Laborers

7/19/1943, R.A.F. Fighters Sink Four Supply Sampans Near Elizabeth Island, 120 Japs Killed by R.A.F. in Thaungdara

Map, China-Burma-India Theater

Note: I could not find Elizabeth Island on any maps. The reference to Elizabeth Island was reported from New Delhi. I would assume the island would be somewhere near Burma, in the Bay of Bengal. ... Also, I could not find Thaungdara either, but there was one reference on the net saying Thaungdara was a major Japanese Headquarters area north of Rangoon.

Map, Burma


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July 20, 1943

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7/20/1943, Aussie Troops Gain Successes in Sharp Clashes with Japs on Slopes of Mt. Tambu, Supported by 43 Air Raids

Satelitte Map, Mt. Tambu, Papua, New Guinea

7/20/1943; U.S. Troops Inch Forward Thru Heavy Jungle at Munda; Dug-in Japs Refuse to Yield, Must Be Wiped Out One by One

Map, Solomon Islands Campaign

Satelitte Map, New Georgia Island

7/20/1943, Lanham Act Designed to Free Mothers for War Work by Subsidizing Federal Child Care Centers

7/20/1943, American POWs Thank Jap Officials at Mukden Camp for Gift of Cemetery & Showing Great Interest in Welfare of POWs

Satelitte Map, Mukden

Mukden Prisoner of War Remembrance Society

Mukden Prison Camp

List of Japanese-Run Internment Camps During World War II, Wikipedia

Japanese Treatment of Prisoners of War During WWII

Note: POWs should be spoiled rotten. Mistreatment of POWs is not in the strategic interest of the power holding the prisoners. Japanese crimes committed against U.S. POWs increased the fighting spirit of America. German atrocities against Soviet POWs increased the fighting spirit of the Red Army. Russian brutality against prisoners increased Germany's fighting spirit. ... Toward the end of WWII, the German Army was more willing to fight to the death against the Red Army due to uncivilized Russian barbarianism. Coincident to that, more Germans were willing to surrender en masse to U.S. and British forces because the western Allies were more likely to observe the Geneva convention. Humane treatment of POWs by Britain and the U.S. thus saved hundreds of thousands of lives in WWII and shortened the war. ... Had Hitler not declared war on the U.S. it would have been impossible for the Soviet Union to force an unconditional surrender on Germany. German troops that surrendered to the U.S. and Britain would have been available to engage the Red Army. The savage cruelty of Bolshevism & Stalinism would have sustained the fighting spirit of the German Army, resulting in an eventual stalemate.

7/20/1943, U.S. Sailors Henry A. Nowling & Merle G. Wells Sentenced by General Courtmartial to Prison for Robbery in Australia

7/20/1943, Prospective Limited Service Draftees with Minor Defects (1-A-L) Will Not Have to Report Monthly to Induction Center

7/20/1943, Tin Mill Workers of Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. Engaged in War Production Go on Strike Due to Sunday Work Order

7/20/1943, Sicilian Invasion Proves Possibility of Mobilizing 2,000 Ships for Combined Operations, Italian Fighting Spirit Lacking

7/20/1943, 16-Year-Old Soldier with Psychological Problems Blows up Cottesloe Shop Because Two Friends Caught Shop-Lifting

7/20/1943, Republican Post-War Policy Assn. Wants Unity & Collaboration with United Nations in Maintaining World Peace

7/20/1943, Boulder (Australia) Town Hall Holds Fundraiser (Singers, Musicians, Etc.) to Provide Sheepskins to Russia

7/20/1943, Mining News: Mill Treats 6,484 Tons for Production of 4,122 oz. of Bullion Estimated to Contain 2,065 oz. of Fine Gold

7/20/1943, German Resistance Stiffens as Soviets Approach Orel's Inner Defenses, Luftwaffe Moves 1,000 Planes to Eastern Front

7/20/1943, Rome Is 11th European Capital to be Bombed

7/20/1943, Surrendering Italian Soldiers on Sicily Happy to Be Fed C- & K-Rations


U.S. Army Field Rations, The C Ration

C-Rations, Wikipedia

K-Rations, Wikipedia

U.S. Army Field Rations, The K Ration

7/20/1943, Russian Quisling Testifies German Officers Raped Russian Women, Gas Vans Used to Suffocate Men, Women & Children

7/20/1943, Russian Quislings Hanged Before 30,000 Cheering Onlookers, Gas Van Victims Dig Own Graves Before Suffocation

7/20/1943, Milk, Dairymen, & Subsidies

7/20/1943, Lord Halifax Advocates Harsh Peace for Germany, Says Rome Bombed to Stop Flow of German Reinforcements

7/20/1943, Pope Pius Leaves Vatican Without Escort to Visit & Pray for Victims of U.S. Bombing Raid on Rome

7/20/1943, R.A.F. Hammers Jap Transportation & Troop Concentrations in Arakan & Other Parts of Occupied Burma

Satellite Map, Arakan

7/20/1943; "Monty" Visits Canadian Troops in Sicily, Warns Against Hot Sun, Jokes "Are There Any Good Irishmen Here?"


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