Poignant WW1 related letter for translation

Need help with translating WW1, Inter-War or WW2 related documents or information?
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Poignant WW1 related letter for translation

Post by sqnldr » 12 May 2020 10:02


I know I ask a lot of translation help. But I am enormously grateful. Translating typed documents is fairly easy but handwritten (especially german script) is a real art. And this help I am always grateful for. My only hope is that some of the documents contain information which some may find interesting.

This piece is something I rarely get into my collections and came with other items. It is a 1919 dated letter. Being black edged I assume it is a mourning/death related letter. The script writing is beautiful. Hopefully someone can decipher to envelope and contents.

A sad reminder of lives lost.
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Re: Poignant WW1 related letter for translation

Post by nichte » 13 May 2020 04:07

What I read.
Please feel free to correct/add.

Liebes Fräulein Wißler [Wissler]!
Die Trauerbotschaft über das Ableben
Ihrer lieben Frau Mutter hat mich
u. die Meinen schmerzlich berührt.
Freilich war sie letzter Zeit so an-
gegriffen, daß man ein baldiges
Ende ahnen konnte, doch hoffte ich
bei letzter Verabschiedung noch
einmal im Leben sie anzutreffen.
Ihre Frau Mutter war eine tüchtige
rechtliche Frau, die von mir und
meinen …… stets hoch ge-
schätzt wurde u. so wird auch das
Gedenken an unsere alte gute
Frau ……..wirtin stets wach bleiben.
Sie hat viel Gutes gewirkt in stiller
Barmherzigkeit. - Im Auftag meiner
ganzen Familie u. meiner Freunde -
unser tiefes Mitgefühl. Ihnen, Ihren
Geschwistern u. Verwandschaft. …..
.......... .......... Ihrem
Max Leipheimer

Dear Miss Wißler [Wissler]!
The sad news about the passing away
of your dear mother touched me
and my own poignantly.
Admittedly, over the last while
she was so weakened that one
could sense her death being close.
But at the recent farewell I hoped
to see her again once more in life.
Your mother was a diligent,
righteous woman who was always highly
appreciated by me and my own.
The remembrance of our old good lady
will always stay alive.
She did much good in silent compassion.
On behalf of my whole family and friends
our deepest sympathy to you, your siblings
and relatives.
Max Leipheimer
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