Please Help with Death Card Translation

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Please Help with Death Card Translation

Post by Suzan J » 11 Oct 2021 22:52

I had previously asked for help with two other "death cards" and this group was able to provide me with a great deal of information. I am hoping that you can help me out one more time. The "death card" attached is for Rudolph Schmitz born on 29 January 1924 in Neuss Rhein. The card indicates that he was a grenadier in the 5th Company Regiment 67. The date of death is shown as 23 July 1943 in Muskolovo?? I cannot make out the exact spelling of this place name. A google search comes up with nothing using a variety of possible spellings. Can anyone provide me with the place of death? The card goes on to say that that he was killed but provides no further details. The Volksbund website indicates that he has likely been transferred to Sologubowka cemetery, but if that was the case, he still remains unidentified to this day. The Volksbund website further notes that the place of death was Feldlaz 158 Mustolowo-Chnipzy but I can find no information on this place name. Where do you believe he was killed and what particular battle or offensive was going on at the time. (The back of the card is completely blank.) Thank you
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Re: Please Help with Death Card Translation

Post by GregSingh » 12 Oct 2021 04:07

Grenadier-Regiment 67 was part of 23. Infanterie-Division.

Both villages were North-West of Mga, in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg region).

Mustolowo (Мустолово) does not exist by name anymore I think, now part of Pavlovo. ... 30.9639212

Chnipzy, most likely misspelled Цнигри, now called Дачное (Dachnoe)

Area of heavy fighting during 1941-44 Siege of Leningrad.

I attached a war time Soviet map below, as the whole area looked a bit different to what you see today in Google maps.

(Pls. click on it to load a full resolution image)
Mga - Copy.jpg
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