'magische Kugeln' and 'Kastenwurf'

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'magische Kugeln' and 'Kastenwurf'

Post by Linden Lyons » 02 Feb 2022 01:00

I am currently translating Friedrich Hayn's book on the Allied landings in Normandy, Die Invasion: Von Cotentin bis Falaise (1954), and I need help with the translation of a couple of terms that appear in it. The first is 'magische Kugeln', which seems to refer to some sort of acoustic and visual aid for the assembly of American airborne troops after they had landed in the darkness. The second is 'Kastenwurf' or 'Kasten-Taktik', which appears to be a special aerial bombing technique developed by the British after their battlefield failures at Caen and involving multiple waves of British and American bombers concentrated against narrow sectors of the front.

Are there specific English-language translations for these terms? Thank you.

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