was he in Panzer divison?

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was he in Panzer divison?

Post by ddroitsch » 21 Feb 2022 17:06

Hello-new to the forum here so hoping I'm in the right place. I have acquired some documents about my grandfather who died on the Russian front in 1944. I want to know who he was fighting with. We think he died in the Ukraine in a place called Zhytomyr (Shitomier). We have very little information but his military service records indicate this:

TR. T: 3.1 Pz Gr Rgt 7

But then earlier in the record it indicate

TR. T: 7.1 Pz Gr. Rgt. 7

What do these stand for?

Thank you!

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Re: was he in Panzer divison?

Post by GregSingh » 23 Feb 2022 01:18

Looks like he was.

Panzergrenadier-Regiment 7 was a part of 7.Panzer-Division and indeed in early 1944 this unit took part in fightings near Zhytomyr.

TR. T could mean Truppenteil.

Other numbers usually specify company/battalion, but these don't match.
Battalion numbers should be in Roman numerals.
There was 3rd company in I battalion, but 7th company was in II batallion.

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