Amt and Stelle Confusion

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Amt and Stelle Confusion

Post by Zirran » 21 Mar 2022 18:48

Can someone please explain to me the difference between an Amt and Stelle? I know they both translate to Office but i'm wondering what the exact difference is?

Is it a form of level of Bureacraucy between Offices, or could Stelle also be read another way, for Example Department, Even though Abteilung covers that.

Because it's confusing trying to read Hauptamt, Amt, Hauptstelle, Stelle, as Main Ofiice which has an Office, which has a Main Office which has an Office.

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Re: Amt and Stelle Confusion

Post by Hans1906 » 22 Mar 2022 18:59


German excessive bureaucracy, I hardly have an exact answer, but maybe this translation is helpful for you here:
Behörde (auch Amt im organisatorischen Sinne genannt) ist eine öffentliche Stelle, die die Aufgaben der öffentlichen Verwaltung wahrnimmt, die ihr aufgrund materieller Gesetze aufgegeben sind.

Authority (also called office in the organizational sense) is a public body that performs the tasks of public administration that are assigned to it by substantive laws
And now it gets even more complicated:

Sorry for the bad answer, but probably only a German administrative officer will be able to answer your question in detail, unfortunately I'm overwhelmed with that... :roll:

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Re: Amt and Stelle Confusion

Post by Thoddy » 11 Apr 2022 14:53

Amt short
Das "Amt"(i.e. Sozialamt, Bauamt) is a öffentliche Stelle that makes administrative decisions(Bescheid) with a legally binding character against persons.
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