Ottoman Documents

Need help with translating WW1, Inter-War or WW2 related documents or information?
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Ottoman Documents

Post by RMJQ2002 » 31 Mar 2022 06:16

Hello all, a friend of mine recently purchased some items from an online auction, inside one of the items some documents were enclosed. It may be a long shot but i was wondering if anyone may have any idea as to what any of the symbols or letter may mean or if anyone could point me in the direction of where to look in order to find this out.
Many thanks in advance :)
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Re: Ottoman Documents

Post by Hohlladung » 07 Apr 2022 19:49


The symbol is a Tughra, the official seal of a Turkish Sultan.

Not an expert in Asien fonts, but the writing should be Turkish Ottoman.

The German writing is the translation of it, done for or done by Oberltnt. Wiesener:

Weil du im Kriege der Jahre 1332 u. 1333 die dir zugewiesenen Aufgaben mit Beachtung und Fleiß durchgeführt hast ist dir im Namen des P.M. des Paschas die Kriegsmedaille verliehen worden. Von nun an sollst du deine Pflichten vorschriftsmäßig mit ....Fleiß .
(Rest is covered by Page 5-9, clever presentation :roll: )

Signature K.M. Enver

Hope this helps.
Best regards
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Re: Ottoman Documents

Post by Nemmexe » 10 Jul 2022 11:06

If you want the translation, notify me.

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