stalingrad email

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stalingrad email

Post by Odilo88 » 24 Oct 2022 23:03

that swebsite is so confusing, where is an email to write to them?

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Re: stalingrad email

Post by GregSingh » 24 Oct 2022 23:57

In the middle and slightly to the left you have: Anfragen bitte direkt per E-Mail.
It directs you to:

Last update was in January 2014....

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Re: stalingrad email

Post by Hans1906 » 25 Oct 2022 15:48

One can assume, that the creator of the website is now deceased ?

The german website is, so to speak, "orphaned"., but still online...

Alternativ: Stalingrad - Bilder einer erbitterten Schlacht:
New link: ... index.html
(Hundreds of photos are not av. anymore, probably in the Google "Cache")

Typical "older fashioned" websites, with miles of content... :cry:

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