German logistical documents

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German logistical documents

Post by curiousone » 25 Jan 2023 15:23


What's the difference between:

1) ... ect/zoom/5

Note the word "Planung". ... ect/zoom/5


2) ... ct/zoom/5

Note the absence of the word "Planung". ... ct/zoom/5

, in which we have two "Führung und Aufschlüsselung der Nachschubzüge" documents dated 15 August 1941.

To be more specific:

What is the difference between the ones with the word "Planung" and "Entwurf" and the ones without them?

Which of the attachments is the most up-to-date? The one attached to the August 5 document or the one attached to the August 15 document?

Finally, what are the dates of the attachments and can they be given with greater precision?

Thanks in advance for clarification!

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