Japanese Monographs.

Need help with translating WW1, Inter-War or WW2 related documents or information?
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Japanese Monographs.

Post by OpanaPointer » 26 Jun 2023 21:38

First off, I'm doing this solo. If anyone else is working on these or have already done them please let me know.

I'm working on #84, "Philippines Area Naval Operations Part II (October-December 1944)". It is loaded with kana or kanji or something else I don't know or remember from my years in Japan. To do the original work justice I'd like to put the correct characters in their proper places. If you're good at this I'd send you the html file with [k*] where the characters are supposed to go. A wild SWAG would be about 2,000 such entries over 284 pages.

For those souls who favor historical accuracy there are other files already online at the link above that need such attention, I would give you the current Hyperwar owner's contact info if/when needed.
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