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Post by WolfgangNordsee » 31 Jan 2007 11:18

Economy of the SS: Sorry, only in German:

Die Wirtschaft der SS (Gebundene Ausgabe)
von Hermann Kaienburg

1200 pages
Berlin, Germany, 2003

* ISBN-10: 3936411042
* ISBN-13: 978-3936411041

regards almost all aspects of economy interests and activities of the SS, including forced labor

Georges JEROME
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Post by Georges JEROME » 02 Mar 2007 00:20

books on HSSPF start to merge :
Peter Black Ernst Kaltenbrunner Schönigh (thesis available in english)
Karl Hermann Frank Mein Leben für Böhmen Arndt
Tino Jacobs Himmlers Mann in Hamburg von Bassewitz als HSSPF im wehrkreis X 1943 1945 Ergebnisse
Anke Schmeling Josas Erbprinz zu Waldeck und Pyrmont Verlag gesamtchochschul-Bibliothek Kassel
Wladyslaw Bartoszewski Erich von Dem Bach (in various foreign languages) Wydawnictwo Zachodnie
and recently
Joseph Poprzeczny Hitler's Man in the East Odilo Globocnik Mc Farland and Co quite interesting and fully referenced the picturial part is highly interesting but of poor quality


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Post by harmel » 02 Mar 2007 18:10

Just finished reading Leaders of the SS and
German Police Vol 1 by Michael Miller etc.
A great book full of extra info,well presented and well
researched,it has to be as Mark C Yerger has wrote the
Typical Bender Publishing and a must for researchers,it
could in a few years be one of the sought after books that
could be out of print and you would have to pay a lot
of money to get,that includes the forthcoming Vols.
I would also like to say that because of what I wrote
no money exchanged hands between Mike and me. :lol:

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Post by Guille » 04 Mar 2007 02:05

Hi to all,

Beware with the spanish (do not know if I can tell the name of the book printer) translation of:
Heinz Höhne "The order of the death`s head".
It is not a full translation of the english one, I do not have a german edition to compare.


Guillermo S.

Georges JEROME
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Post by Georges JEROME » 03 Jul 2007 21:53

Walter Naasner
SS Wirtschaft und SS Verwaltung
Schriften des Bundesarchivs
Droste 1998

Comments : the REFERENCE upon WVHA and economic enterprises of the SS. Very complete with charts and numerous bios.

Collectif (collective)
L'archéologie national socialiste en Europe de l'Ouest
(NS archeology in western europa/Nazi Archäologie in Westeuropa)
with chapters in german, english and french
495 pages numerous pics
infolio Editions CH 2007

comments : based upon acts from international conférence "blut und boden" Lyon 2004
20 specialists wrote upon all ns projects of archelogy in western occupied europe (lorraine, Luxemburg, Belgium Netherlands, Danmark, Carinthia)
numerous pics of Ahnenerbe members and party officials


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Recommended reading on the SS & Polizei

Post by Shane A Beaver » 14 Aug 2007 15:34

Besides thos already mentioned, might I suggest any work by Mark C. Yerger, particularly "Allgemeine-SS", the "German Cross in Gold Holders of the SS and Police" (Vol's 1 and 2) and his two-volumed work, "Waffen-SS Commanders". Also Yitzhak Arad et al - "The Einsatzgruppen Reports" and Wolfgang Vopersal's multi-volumed history of the Totenkopf-Division.

Georges JEROME
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Post by Georges JEROME » 28 Oct 2007 23:08

Nicht ermittelt by Stefan Klemp
2005 Klartext 503 pages
comments : a handbook upon all the post war trials against 65 Polizeibataillons and polizeiregiments with detailled structure and action.
For Europe. The French Volunteers of the Waffen SS by Robert Forbes
Helion 2006 527 pages
comments : very complete with foot notes. the best account ever read upon the SS Assault Brigade then SS Division "Charlemagne"

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John Pepera
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Post by John Pepera » 19 Nov 2007 16:30

"The SS Leadership Corps" 'Max Williams & Ulric of England'

Are there any plans or intentions of the completion or a follow up edition to this book?

Thank you.


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Post by Max Williams » 19 Nov 2007 17:40

I am working hard on volume 2 right now. There's been a few delays as I had health problems and recently I have been tied up with family matters, but I promise it will be out next year.

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Re: Recommended reading on the SS & Polizei

Post by Jolly Man » 07 Mar 2008 07:56

by Stephan Campbell
Schiffer Pub.

This is an excellent book on all of the German Police Batallions and Regiments sent into occupied countries during the war acting as rear security units, anti-partisan warfare and aiding in mass executions. A great book esp. if you collect pre-1945 German police documents and passbooks. Many nice rare photos too. A really good reference book, I highly recommend it.


Marcus Vaughn

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Re: Recommended reading on the SS & Polizei

Post by smellincoffee » 09 Apr 2008 17:46

G.S. Grabel's The History of the S.S. is a book I finished recently. It's not terribly long (200 pages). Grabel explores the S.S's origins, beginning with the stormtroopers of the Great War. Grabel also offers internal biographies of men like Himmler; I reccommend the book, althoug having not read a lot of books on the S.S. I can't really say if the information it holds is common knowledge.

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Re: Recommended reading on the SS & Polizei

Post by Frankfurter » 09 Feb 2009 02:08

My 3 book recommendations would also fit under the Holocaust section.

Eugen Kogon: DER SS-STAAT, different publishers
In 1946 this was one of the first books about the Nazi atrocities in the camps and the psychology of the Totenkopf SS. It was updated several times and I highly recommend it. Its still one of THE must-read books about the Nazi crimes. Its well-written and very touching by someone who spent 6 years in Buchenwald. Kogon was an important man post war and influential in creating the European community.

Hafner/Schapira: DIE AKTE ALOIS BRUNNER, Campus Verlag 2000
How could one of the wort Nazis, Eichmanns no.1 subordinate, get away and live a rather comfortable and long life afterwards? Its thrilling to read about the career of this farmer´s son from backyard Austria, how he did his utmost to kill every jew he could find, restless and fanatic. Its thrilling how he could escape from teh US POW camps as he was not identified, also because his namesake and subordinate was executed and many thought it was him! its thrilling to read about the total disinterest of the German prosecutors and their ignorance of facts which were sometimes so easy to get.
Its thrilling to read that even the Mossad wasnt much interested in him.

K. Beischl: DR. MED. EDUARD WIRTHS UND SEINE TÄTIGKEIT..., Königshausen und Neumann 2005
This book is about the long-time medical chief of Auschwitz (1942-45). Written by a medical student to become a doctor, this book is worth reading, although some words have to be said against it before because sometimes it appears a bit schizophrenic. The book is split between Wirths career as a doctor and as that of a main functionary of the holocaust. Also there a some recurrences in the book, showing a lack of editing. Wrong is the last statement, that it must be the conditions under which the crimes were comitted must be accused. That too much sounds like an aquittal of the individual.
Because many witnesses, mostly camp inmates (but hardly jews) speak good of Wirths, especially the ones close to him, for much of the book it appears as if you must feel pity for the man. There are no photos beside the cover in this book, but known pictures show him as a sympathetic looking man, easily the best looking man among the Auschwitz staff. This adds to it. On the other hand his ambition made him one of the main responsible men for Auschwitz as a mass extermination camp, second only to the commanders. While he claims (and this is seconded by witnesses) to have saved the life of thousands, his effective "work" made the killings of hundreds of thousands easier, and he protected his colleagues who comitted the most horrible medical experiments. The SS WVHA medical chief called him his best man. And that he was, better than most SS medics as a doctor, but also more effective as a mass murderer. He was a prototype of the somewhat naive and idealistic true Nazi SS officer to the end, the best tool Hitler could wish for.

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Re: Recommended reading on the SS & Polizei

Post by bluematts » 21 Feb 2009 11:42

I just wanted to add my own "thumbs up" for a recommendation made above: "Hitler's Personal Security" by Peter Hoffmann."
Great resource and in-depth detail.
First Source Books

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Re: Recommended reading on the SS & Polizei

Post by John L » 11 Jan 2010 12:32

To Panzerass,

I couldn't contact you directly as my work station won't support it. I see you are in Northern Germany and I would like to know if you could check a name for me in the SS veterans lists? My Father's name was Helmut Tiedeman if you can help. Thanks!

John L
Hallo John L,

you are at any time able to send a private message to "Panzerass" !!
I want to recommend this approach instead of posting your request in this thread.

All the best
Dieter Zinke, forum staff

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Re: Recommended reading on the SS & Polizei

Post by Ningizidda » 04 May 2010 03:02

I would like to recommend Harald Welzer's book Perpetrators (German original Täter). It partly deals with the same topic as Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland by Christopher Browning. Welzer gives a psycho-sociological account of how ordinary men became mass murderers.

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