SS-Hstuf(?) Walter Heck, the designer of the SS emblem

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SS-Hstuf(?) Walter Heck, the designer of the SS emblem

Post by mty » 22 Jan 2008 15:35

I would like to gather all the information available regarding SS-Hstuf. Walter Heck (SS #1947, party member) who is credited as the designer of both the SS runic emblem and that of the SA. DAL 1934 lists him as SS-Obersturmführer with SS-Standarte 58 (Köln), though some books mention him also as Sturmhauptführer.

1) What was his final rank?

2) Even though he created the most important single pieces of visual identity (or brand, as we nowadays would say ;)) of both the SS and SA, he is not very well known. Actually the only author I have come across mentioning him is Robin Lumsden. Are there any photos of him?

3) It is said that he came up with the SS emblem by drawing two sig-runes side by side. The emblem was then purchased by the SS and he was paid 2.50 Reichsmarks of his design. If this description is correct, then it was not a commissioned work and he was not specifically chosen for the task. But who put the design forward, perhaps the commander of his Standarte referred it to SS Amt? And when did that actually happen - both 1931, 1932 and 1933 are mentioned on various sites and books. Perhaps this would be solved by trying to trace the earliest photo featuring this insignia.

His design being chosen as the official SA emblem was due to a design competition set up by the Oberste SA-Führung in 1929 which he won. That must have brought him a bit of name within party circles but still he remains a rather unknown and obscure figure.


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Post by Mikedc » 23 Jan 2008 18:51

Sorry Mikko, don't have anything on this fellow.....


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