Kurt Daluege

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Re: Kurt Daluege

Post by VanillaNuns » 25 Sep 2020 19:00

J. Duncan wrote:
13 Jun 2013 23:47
Many have said (see above) that Daluege tried to slash his wrists but if that were so, he must not have cut very deep or was prevented from doing so while trying. There are photos of his execution in various stages of operation and his wrists do not appear to be bandaged. He actually looks quite healthy (a bit underweight perhaps) pale, dazed, and drained from imprisonment.
You can see these images on google (I do not want to post photo here because these from google are against forum rules as they are unsourced photos).
I found this in an Australian newspaper archive which was published the day after the execution.

It refers to 2 suicide attempts whilst in custody.

The date of the execution is wrong by a day but remember Australia are 9 hours ahead of Czech time when the story would have been printed. The article is genuine. Whether the story is true is another matter...
Phil Nix wrote:
26 Aug 2003 11:40
It is my understanding that Daluege was carried to the scaffold on a stretcher only semi-concious suffering from a disease similar to multple sclerosis
The above is old post from Phil Nix from 2003.
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Re: Kurt Daluege

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 25 Sep 2020 21:27

Video of Nazi Chief Kurt Daluege Tried & Executed by Hanging (1946) (British Pathé) :


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