The fate of Dr. Karl Hofbauer?

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The fate of Dr. Karl Hofbauer?

Postby lazybather » 21 Oct 2014 18:31

Guys, I’m seeking help to discover the fate of Dr. Karl Hofbauer.

B.: 02.05.1911 in Villach/Kärnten
NSDAP-Nr.: 300.065
SS-Nr.: 320.740

He was the Judenreferent for the SSPF Lublin, (Globocnik) from December 1939 to August 1940.

I’m seeking evidence that Dr. Hofbauer faced trial in the 1960's for his actions at Lublin during 1940.

The B.A. Ludwigsburg has been a great help and I discovered his court file was located with the Staatsarchiv Wien.

Ludwigsburg suggest that the Landgericht Wien initiated a detention process in 1962, (9-4/75: ZFB 1258/62). He may have faced trial that same year for murder and his participation in the murder of Jews in Warsaw and Lublin between1940-45, (according to § 134 & § 5 StG, (27 c Vr 852/62).

The Staatsarchiv Wien have informed me that they handed his court file to the Landgericht Klagenfurt in 1970. The Landgericht Klagenfurt have informed me that no prosecution of Dr. Hofbauer took place in the 1970’s, and his file is lost.

Any help to determine Dr. Hofbauer’s fate would be welcome as would any suggestions for further research.

Thank you.

Stuart. :)

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