Günther Neubert

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Günther Neubert

Post by K.Kocjancic » 11 May 2016 12:33

From his interrogation report on 29. 4. 1947:

- education: Reform-Realgymnasium, Friedrichswerder Hochrealschule (Berlin); finished it in 1931
- joined Sipo Berlin on 5. 10. 32
- after finishing Pol. Schule Brandenburg-Havel, he was posted to Berlin as supervisior of Bereitschaftsdienst
- after Bereitschaftsdienst was incorporated in WH, he returned in April 36 to Sipo district Charlottenburg, Sipo command Berlin-West
- Summer 36 he was transferred to Berufspolizeischule Berlin; ended it in Spring 37
- in April 47 sent to Offizers' candidates school in Hamburg
- then sent to 7. candidate course for officers, Security Police Officers School (Berlin-Köpenick), finished in Summer 38 and promoted to Lt. d. Sch.
- sent to Essen as Zugführer & Teacher for police science, traffic, general police law, penal law, and air defence
- in Autumn 38 became Deputy, chief of Air defence at Schutzpolizeiabschnittskommando II Essen
- 10/38, Zugführer, Kp. in city of Essen, under command of Maj. d. Sch.Pol. Willing; sent to Sudeten, where they were guarding Tatra-Werke Nesseldorf and roads
- 12/38 returned to Essen's police school
- 3/39 as Zugführer in Essen's Schupo Kp., under command of Maj. Schaber, sent to Böhmen and Mähren [Moravia]; returned to his teacher position in late July 39
- when the war began, he became Zugführer in Sipo-Kp., under command of Oberstlt. d. Sch.Pol. Schaber (latter was unit renamed as Pol.Btl. 62); joined 14. Armee and was tasked to guard roads, after 2-3 weeks he was sent to guard electrical and tin factory in Bjelica
- Nov. 39 promoted to Oberlt. d. Schupo
- March 40 returned to Essen, and then the Btl. left for France in Aug 40; he was Zugführer in 2. Kp. Btl. 62, responsible with guarding OT sites in Beauvais in Lorient.
- Jan. 41 promoted to Hptm. d. Sch.
- Autumn 41 moved to Köln for Kp.-Chef in newly-established Pol.Btl. 66 (CO: Maj. d. Schupo Esser)
- in July 42 he was transferred to Kp.-Chef of 4./Pol.Btl. 62; he was guarding OT sites in Brijansk (Aug 41), Minsk
- in March 43 the SS-Pol.Rgt. 28 was moved to Holland, he was Kp.-Chef 11./SS-Pol.Rgt. 28
- in Summer 43 Rgt. was sent to Marseille
- in Sept. 43 his III. Btl. was sent to border area of France-Italy, then to Modano, Udine
- in Febr. 44 he became Deputy Btl. CO, I./SS-Pol.Rgt. 28, which was in Vichy
- in end of Febr. 44 was Btl. sent to Marseille and was sent to Krainburg; Btl. arrived to Slovenia in early March
- because he was arguing with NSDAP members (he was commanding supply transports and got hit all the time because of not enough security), he was placed under supervision in July 44, demoted to Kp.-Führer, expelled from Majors' course and was under Gestapo watch
- in May 45 retreated with his Kp. to Kärnten, where he became POW
- moved to Württemberg
- he came volunteerly to Yugoslavia, was more then 8 months in Yugoslav custody in the time of interrogation

Political life:
- member of Schraderverband (when in Havel); disbanded by Nazis in 33
- because he wasn't member of NSDAP when attending school in Hamburg (37), he was accepted to NSDAP as candidate on 1.5.37 (and on the same day joined also NSV)

[I was quite surprised, that he said, that he came volunteerly to Yugoslavia. Is this true?]


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Re: Günther Neubert

Post by danyb » 13 May 2016 08:04

hello Klemen !

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