Landsberg executions

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Re: Landsberg executions

Post by J. Duncan » 23 Feb 2019 13:24

Otto Forschner
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Re: Landsberg executions

Post by ansata1976 » 14 May 2020 19:32

I am interested in more information about

Theo Rau (?) sentenced to death (released after 8 years imprisonment from Landsberg prison)

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Re: Landsberg executions

Post by sekudlyda » 15 May 2020 18:45

In perusing the list of Landsberg executions along with the entries in the following pages, I noticed a couple of mistakes. Bruno Skierka (Flossenberg), Ludwig Stier (Mauthausen), and Anton Bergmeier (Buchenwald) were not hanged at Landsberg or anywhere else. Skierka and Bergmeier had their death sentences reduced to "life" imprisonment and were eventually released from U.S. custody at Landsberg. Stier died of cardiovascular disease at Landsberg on September 5, 1947, while awaiting execution.

The list of Nazi war criminals and kapos hanged at Landsberg I've seen contains 252 names. The first hangings (3) at Landsberg were carried out on November 19, 1945, and the final hangings (7) were conducted on June 7, 1951. All others were in 1946, '47, '48, and '49; there were no hangings carried out in 1950.

Another 20 war criminals were hanged in the U.S. zones of occupied Germany and Austria, though not at Landsberg Prison (WCPL #1). Three were carried out at Rheinbach Prison in Germany on June 29, 1945. Fourteen were carried out at Bruchsal Prison in Germany from November 10, 1945 through March 15, 1946. Three were carried out in Salzburg, Austria; two in October 1, 1946 and one on November 26, 1946. I also show three former SS men hanged by the U.S. Army in Livorno, Italy on July 26, 1946. I hope this helps.

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Re: Landsberg executions

Post by Alienor » 27 Aug 2023 17:34

Can someone help? I am trying to find out about a civilian man also executed at Landsberg prison possibly 1946? He actually was a death camp survivor, and was subsequently convicted of murdering a German couple and their child. Name sounded Polish, or from an eastern country possibly Piotr. Cannot find a definitive list of all executed at the prison.

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Re: Landsberg executions

Post by Craig25 » 19 Oct 2023 12:27

His name was Peter Chemy, a Polish national liberated from a concentration camp by Americans in May 1945, spent the first few months of his freedom adrift in Germany. On a snowy winter night of that year, he found refuge and a meal in the home of a German family: husband, wife, and daughter. After they had gone to sleep, Chemy found a hatchet and murdered them in their beds. He was tried by an American tribunal, sent to Landsberg, and executed by firing squad in January 1947.

This will be the Jewish Gravestone in the Cemetery which is full of NAZI War Criminals.




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