Community Project - Dienstaltersliste der SS 1945

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Community Project - Dienstaltersliste der SS 1945

Post by amatuer_researcher » 14 Jun 2021 09:43

Hey guys,

I had an interesting idea and I thought you guys might like it, I was thinking about making a Dienstaltersliste der SS as it would look in late April 1945. However, as my name suggests, I'm just an amatuer, and I'm sure many of you would do it better than I would, which is why I would like to make it a public community project that anyone can access and edit!

I think it would be an informative and engaging activity for the community and in the end, there would be a great Dienstaltersliste that anyone can use. I started working on this a couple of days ago, I used Dienstaltersliste from January 1944, and a friend of mine found a few pictures from November 1944 list, so those lists is where most of the info comes from.

One thing that is different from the real lists is that I also put people who have died before 1945 in the list, however, they are clearly marked so it's not confusing. I have also split the rank date category into SS, Polizei, and Waffen-SS rank columns, so a date can be assigned to each, in case a person didn't receive all ranks on the same date.

Here is the spreadsheet: ... edit#gid=0

Feel free to change anything that I put in the list in case it's not accurate. Right now I planned for the list to include ranks from RFSS to Brigadeführer, but if there is enough interest and enough people willing to contribute, the list can easily be expanded to include more ranks.

(I'm new to the Forum, so if this isn't the best section for this, I'm really sorry, also if I made any mistakes in the list, I'm really sorry for that as well)

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Re: Community Project - Dienstaltersliste der SS 1945

Post by smetanin albert » 07 Jul 2021 13:47

To do this,
you need to have a lot of rolls,

NS 19/2050 (Vorstellungen des Reichsführers-SS über die Neugestaltung der SS-Dienstalterslisten nach dem Kriege);
NS 34/21 (Befehle und Mitteilungen.- Verleihung des SS-Totenkopfringes, Dienstalterslisten, Beförderungen);
NS 34/44 (Aufforderung zur Erbringung von Personaldaten zwecks Erstellung der Dienstalterslisten);
NS 19/1164 (Dienstaltersliste der SS.- Bezug durch den Persönlichen Stab und Berichtigungen);
N 756/61b (Richtlinien, Befehle und Gesetze zur Einstellung, Laufbahn, Sonderlaufbahn, Beförderung und Besoldung von Freiwilligen der Waffen-SS);
N 756/476 (Kommandeursstellenbesetzungsliste und Dienstalterslisten der Waffen-SS aus den Jahren 1943 und 1944)
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