Request for info. on Obstlt.d.Sch.P. Konrad Rheindorf

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Request for info. on Obstlt.d.Sch.P. Konrad Rheindorf

Postby Michael Miller » 13 May 2004 18:55

Seeking any and all information on the following Schutzpolizei officer. Many thanks in advance.

~ Mike Miller

[Updated to include information provided since initial posting- MdM]

Rheindorf, Konrad
Oberstleutnant der Schutzpolizei

Born: 00.00.1896 in the West Midlands (UK).
Died: 00.00.19__.

11.08.1926 Polizei-Hauptmann
00.00.19__ Major [der Schutzpolizei?]
00.00.19__ Oberstleutnant der Schutzpolizei

(01.01.1933) Assigned to [the Schutzpolizei in?] Kassel.
00.00.19__ - 00.00.19__ Assigned as Ia (1.Generalstabsoffizier) to Stab / SS-Polizei-
Regiment 26
00.00.1943 – [00.00.1944?] SS- und Polizeigebietsführer in Krakau and Lublin.
15.07.1944 – 30.10.1944 Kommandeur of SS-Polizei-Regiment 25.

Postwar Activities:
According to the book Braunbuch, Kriegs- und Naziverbrecherin der BRD (1965), he served after the war as "Stellvertretender Leiter der Landespolizeidirektion Schwaben" (Deputy Head of the State Police Directorate in Swabia [probably headquartered in the capital of that Land, Augsburg]).

* Son of Adolf Hubert Rheindorf and his wife Antine (<- sp?), née Keussen.
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Postby Glenn2438 » 13 May 2004 19:29

Hi Mike,

not much but he was promoted to Polizei-Hauptmann on 11.8.1926. As at 1.1. 1933 he was serving in Kassel.


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Postby mulisch » 13 May 2004 19:47

Hi Mike,

Also not much but in the book "Braunbuch, Kriegs- und Naziverbrecherin der BRD" is stated, that after the war he became a "Stellvertretender Leiter der Landespolizeidirektion Schwaben".

During the war he was Oberstleutnant, Ia-Offizier beim Stab des SS-Polizei-Regiments 26, 1943 SS- und Polizei-Gebietsführer in Krakau und Lublin.



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Michael Miller
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Postby Michael Miller » 13 May 2004 19:56

Thank you both, gentlemen. Invaluable information, every bit of which helps considerably.

~ Mike

Phil Nix
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Postby Phil Nix » 14 May 2004 09:53

No Record in SS DAL so not in the SS
Do you have the town name of his birth as I come from the West Midlands and could do some local research

Georges JEROME
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Postby Georges JEROME » 15 May 2004 17:41

Hi Mike,

1929 Schupo Kassel
1930 Schupo Kassel
Min blatt 1936 - 33 Promoted Major (Schupo Bochum)
Min blatt 1942 - 34 promoted Oberstlt (PolOff schule der Orpo Furstenfeldbruck
Kdr der Orpo Lublin



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Oberstleutnant der SchP. Konrad Rheindorf

Postby Peter J. Hertel » 14 Feb 2005 02:51

Hi Michael,

This one is for you, buddy.

Konrad Rheindorf commander of SS-Polizei Regiment 25, was born in Birmingham in 11 June 1896. An extract of his birth certificate shows his father Adolf Hubert, his mother Antoine (Keussen), all of 91 Grove Lane, Handsworth. The Registration District West Bromich, and the sub-district is Handsworth in the county of Staffordshire.

Source:- Hitler's Man in the East : Odilo Globocnik

Email you later on.

Your Oppo,

Peter :wink:

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