Harry Polewacs and Arnold Stoffers

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Harry Polewacs and Arnold Stoffers

Postby Mikedc » 22 May 2004 16:22

Can use some more info about the SS-officers Harry Polewacz and Arnold Stoffers.
They both served in SS-Regiment 'Nordland' and they both were commander from a batallion. But if somebody can give me a short bio on both men, like birth of date and short career-info, that would be great. And if somebody also has a date of death, just let me know.

Same goes in fact for Walter Plöw, Hanns-Heinrich Lohmann and Albrecht Krügel. Some short bio and birth of date would be helpfull. Even their date of that is welcome. They're also in SS-Regiment 'Nordland', all were batallion-commanders.

And last but not least, some info about Wolfgang Joerchel would be appreciated. I just have the general info I could find about this man, but no real career-info, no date of birth and so on. Joerchel was the commander from 'Nordland' after Fritz von Scholz.


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Postby PK » 22 May 2004 17:15

Some brief info on Stoffers and Krügel.

SS-Ostubaf Arnold Stoffers
Born 1. Setember 1910 in Voorde/Kiel. KIA in "East Sack" a couple of kilometres south of "Kinderheimhöhe" on the 25 February 1944, where he was Kommandeur of SS-Pz.Gr.Rgt 23 "Norge". Stoffers was awarded the Ritterkreuz after his death.

SS-Oberstubaf Albrecht Krügel
Born 22. April 1913 in Nordhorn, Kr Bentheim. KIA 16. March 1945 at the railwaystation in Altdamm in Pommern. Krügel was awarded the Ritterkreuz on the 12. March 1944 after he and a kampfgruppe from SS-Pz.Gr.Rgt "Norge" faught back an russian attack norh of Narva at Vepskula/Siivertsi, Krugel later took over the Kommandeurpost of SS-Pz.Gr.Rgt 24 "Danmark" after that SS-Ostubaf Graf von Westphalen was killed south of Narwa in april 1944. Krügel was awarded the Eichenlaub to his RK on the 18. November 1944 when Nordland was fighting in the Kurland pocket.

Heres a picture of the "new" German cemetery in Tallinn/Estonia where Fritz von Scholz, Arnold Stoffers and Graf von Westphalen once low before the Russians destroyed the cemetery.

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Postby Georg_S » 28 May 2004 09:30

According to a member of the SS-Pz.A.A.11 "Nordland"
they put the body of Krügel in a SPW and took him to the
fieldhospital, according to the veteran he (Krügel) looked terrible
he later got aware of that it was a high SS-Officer, but he remebered
how he saw the Ritterkreuz and the Eichenlaub.

Best reg.


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Wiking Ruf
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Postby Wiking Ruf » 28 May 2004 11:02

Obersturmbannführer Harry Polewacz

* 31.03.1909 Berlin
+ 12.01.1943 Orlowskaja near Rostow
Ritterkreuz am: 23.12.1942 als Kommandeur III./SS-PzGrenRgt "Nordland"
Source: http://www.das-ritterkreuz.de

In 1933 entered the Leibstandarte;
Poland 1939 served as Kompanie führer, EKI and badly wounded;
Recipient of the DKiG in 1941;
Ostubaf. Polewacz was killed by a russian sniper.

Source: Ritterkreuzträger der Waffen-SS by E.G. Krätschmer

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