Baldur Keller (General Staff?)

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Baldur Keller (General Staff?)

Post by Stauffenberg II » 11 Jun 2004 08:36

Hi gentlemen!

Would like to ask if anybody can give some data on Obstlt. d. W.-SS Baldur Keller. He served as Chief of Staff II. Panzerkorps and Chief of Staff I. SS-Panzerkorps (according to Mehner, Vol. 1).

I would be most interested in getting DoB, DoD, last rank (with RDA). Moreover I wonder if he came from the Reichsheer or not, and if he received a General Staff education.

I know that he will be included in Vol. 2 of Mark´s series of DKG-holders fortunately.

Thank you very much for any support!

Stauff II

Phil Nix
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Post by Phil Nix » 11 Jun 2004 09:44

Baldur Keller graduated for the SS Junkerschule Braunschweig 1935 Born 26.4.1912, SS Nr 111594 No Party number, Promoted Obersturmbannführer 30 January 1944 published in SS Personalveränderungsblatt Nr 1a dated 30 Jan 1944

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Post by Stauffenberg II » 11 Jun 2004 09:53

Thank you very much for your kind help philmil! :)

Exactly what I wanted!

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Juha Hujanen
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Post by Juha Hujanen » 11 Jun 2004 10:08

Here's something from Trang-la Division Florian Geyer:

(SS-Nr.111594) in january 43 would became 1st operations officer (Ia) of SS-Pz.Gren.Div.Hohenstaufen,then of SS-Pz.Gren.Div.Totenkopf from June to October 43.He went on to serve with SS-FHA and headed the general staf of V.SS-Gebirgs-Korps from June to October 44 after winning the DKG on 16.1.44,and was promoted to SS-Obersturmbannführer on 30.1.44.He ended the war as chief of staff with II.SS-Pz.Korps after replacing SS-Standartenführer Pipkorn in October 44.

He also served in Florian Geyer as chief of staff during time when Bittrich was CO of FG (May 42-January 43).


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Post by Stauffenberg II » 11 Jun 2004 10:13

Thanks Juha!

Seems that Keller was quite capable if not some kind of a young star within the leadership.

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Post by Peter » 11 Jun 2004 15:23

Keller, Baldur

Born 26 Apr 1912 in Stuttgart
Died 1949 Leverkuesen

SS-Ustuf. with 14./Sta.”Deutschland” in Apr 36
SS-Hstuf. Chef, 5./Pz.GR.3 in Sep39
SS-Hstuf. Chef, 8./Pz.GR.3 in Jul 41
SS-Hstuf. Adj.Pz.GR.3 in Oct 41
SS-Stubaf. Ia, 3.SS-Pz.Div. in Oct 42
SS-Stubaf. Ia, 8.SS-Kav.Div. in Jan 43
SS-Ostubaf. la, 7.SS-Frw.Geb.Div. in May 44
SS-Ostubaf. la, II.SS-Pz.Korps in Feb 45

Russ.Gefangenschaft 6.45


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Michael Miller
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SS-Ostubaf. Baldur Keller

Post by Michael Miller » 11 Jun 2004 17:10

Most of the following is distilled from Keller's SS-Personalakte (reproduced in John P. Moore's CD-ROM set Führerliste der Waffen-SS ). I cannot vouch 100% for it's accuracy, in fact am certain there are errors as is often the case when using primary documentation from the SS personnel offices. But hope this is of some help to you.

Best wishes,
~ Mike Miller / ABR

Keller, Baldur

Born: 26.04.1912 in Stuttgart.
Died: 1947 in Soviet captivity (per Mark C. Yerger post to this forum, or 1949 in Leverkuesen per Iltis post to this forum).

SS-Nr.: 111 594
(Joined 16.06.1933)

16.06.1933 SS-Anwärter
01.08.1933 SS-Mann
24.12.1933 SS-Unterscharführer
25.03.1935 SS-Scharführer
15.04.1935 SS-Junker
09.11.1935 SS-Standartenjunker
25.02.1936 SS-Standartenoberjunker
20.04.1936 SS-Untersturmführer
12.09.1937 SS-Obersturmführer
25.08.1939 SS-Hauptsturmführer
01.01.1943 SS-Sturmbannführer
30.01.1944 SS-Obersturmbannführer

ca. 1918 – ca. 1922 Attended four classes of Volksschule.
ca. 1922 – ca. 1930 Attended Gymnasium (graduated Oberprima and passed his Abitur).
16.06.1933 – 15.02.1934 (?) Joined the SS, assigned to the Politische Bereitschaft Württemberg in
01.08.1933 – ca. 11.1933 Attended a 3-month Lehrgang (instructional course) with the
15.02.1934 – 01.10.1934 Assigned to 2.Kompanie / Politische Bereitschaft Ellwangen.
01.10.1934 – 15.04.1935 Assigned to 17.Sturm / SS-Standarte 1 (later redesignated SS-Standarte
15.10.1934 – 00.00.1934 Attended a Führeranwärter-Lehrgang (Officer Candidate Course) at
15.04.1935 – 01.04.1936 Attended SS-Junkerschule Braunschweig.
01.04.1936 – 01.10.1936 Assigned to 15.Kompanie / SS-Standarte “Deutschland”.
01.10.1936 – 01.11.1937 Assigned to 1.Kompanie / SS-Standarte “Deutschland”.
01.11.1937 – 15.11.1938 Assigned to 15.Kompanie / SS-Standarte “Deutschland”.
(01.12.1937) – 00.00.1945 Member of the Lebensborn Society.
15.11.1938 – 00.00.19__ Chef of 5.Kompanie / SS-Standarte “Deutschland”.
27.04.1940 – 00.00.1940 Attended a gas defense Lehrgang at the Heeresgasschutzschule in
15.11.1940 – 00.11.1941 Chef of 8.Kompanie / SS-Regiment “Deutschland” / SS-Division
00.11.1941 – 00.04.1942 Regimentsadjutant of SS-Regiment “Deutschland” / SS-Division “Das
30.08.1942 – 15.11.1942 Assigned to SS-Ersatz-Bataillon / SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment
01.03.1942 – 15.06.1942 General staff training with Stab / 7.Gebirgs-Division (of the Heer),
apparently assigned as 1.Ordonnanz-Offizier (O1) from 00.04.1942.
15.06.1942 (?) – 00.08.1942 (?) Attended a Generalstabslehrgang at the Kriegsakademie des Heeres.
23.08.1942 – 09.11.1942 1.Generalstabsoffizier (Ia) of SS-Kavallerie-Division.
01.01.1943 – 01.02.1943 Assigned to Stab / SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Hohenstaufen”.
01.02.1943 – 10.04.1943 Ia of SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Hohenstaufen”.
10.04.1943 – 00.10.1943 Ia of SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Totenkopf” (later redesignated
3.SS-Panzer-Division “Totenkopf”).
00.10.1943 – 00.06.1944 Assigned to the SS-Führungshauptamt.
00.06.1944 – 00.10.1944 Chef des Generalstabes of V.SS-Gebirgs-Korps.
16.10.1944 – 00.05.1945 Chef des Generalstabes of II.SS-Panzer-Korps (succeeded Rüdiger Pipkorn).

Decorations & Awards:
16.01.1944 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold, as SS-Sturmbannführer and Ia of
3.SS-Panzer-Division “Totenkopf”, Eastern Front (award recommendation [dated 26.11.1943] submitted by divisional commander SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS Hermann Priess)
12.06.1940 1939 Eisernes Kreuz I. Klasse
30.09.1939 1939 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse
01.04.1941 Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen
05.10.1942 Medaille “Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42”
00.00.19__ Deutsches Reichssportabzeichen in Bronze
00.00.19__ SA-Sportabzeichen in Bronze
00.00.193_ Ehrendegen des RF SS
00.00.19__ SS-Zivilabzeichen Nr. 60 788
00.00.19__ Julleuchter der SS

* Religion: Declared himself “gottgläubig”, 19__.
* Height: 189 cm.
* No indication of marriage or children in SS file.

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Post by Stauffenberg II » 12 Jun 2004 08:28

Hi to all! :)

Thank you very much for the great assistance. He is indeed an interesting person. I wonder how such a discrepancy between the dates and places of death emerged.

Regards to all!

Stauff II

John P. Moore
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Post by John P. Moore » 12 Jun 2004 17:15

I believe that an old issue of the publication "Wiking Ruf or "Der Freiwillige" may have been the source of the misinformation that Keller died in Soviet captivity in 1947. There was a lot of misinformation contained in the very old issues of those magazines. In early 2003 Mr. Bill Harriman in Pasadena, California wrote to me about the former Ustuf. Heinrich Vissel who he had met while Vissel was on vacation in California many years ago. Vissel had since died, but Harriman gave me copies of Vissel's old letters to him. Vissel and Baldur Keller had both been in Rgt. "Deutschland" in 1941 and saw each other after the war when both lived in the Hamburg area. Vissel wrote in one of his letters that Keller died in Leverküsen around 1949 of leukemia. Harrimann also gave me a number of photos of Keller that Keller had given to Vissel. Interestingly, Vissel also mentioned in one of his letters a post-war contact in the Hamburg area with Fritz Rentrop and Helmut Schreiber, who also served with Vissel in Rgt. "Deutschland". Rentrop was a Ritterkreuzträger and is listed as MIA in Hungary in February 1945 in the Ritterkreuzträger books by Schneider and Krätschmar. I knew that Helmut Schreiber, also a Ritterkreuzträger, was now living in the Munich area. I have a good friend who is a former Waffen-SS officer and a member of the Munich HIAG and asked him to contact Schreiber and find out what he had to say about the fate of Rentrop. My friend contacted Schreiber who maintained that Rentrop was MIA in Hungary in February 1945, but did confirm Keller`s death in Leverküsen. I knew another former officer who lived in the Hamburg area and who also had Rentrop for his "Junkerschaft" commander while he was attending officer school at Braunschweig in 1942-43. He had not seen Rentrop after the war and neither had anyone else in the Hamburg HIAG when he raised the issue at a meeting last year.


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Post by Stauffenberg II » 12 Jun 2004 17:19

Hi John!

Thank you very much for your that interesting contribution and clearing that up. btw: It´s Leverkusen, with "u".

Bye! :)

Stauff II

Max Williams
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Re: Baldur Keller (General Staff?)

Post by Max Williams » 26 Jul 2011 17:34

Does anyone have a good photo of Keller please?

Mark C. Yerger
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Re: Baldur Keller (General Staff?)

Post by Mark C. Yerger » 10 Sep 2011 16:34

Keller while with "Deutschland"
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