5. SS-Panzer-Division 'Wiking'

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Post by Georg_S » 11 Jan 2005 19:35

Some officers of the 5.SS-Pz.Div "Wiking"

Source: "Der Freiwillige" and Pers. Archive


TH Albright
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r.e. Otto Foerschner

Post by TH Albright » 11 Jan 2005 20:23

Hi Georg, he was with 1/Regiment "Westland" and SS Ersatz Battalion "Westland" 1940-42 prior to reassignment to SS-WVHA.

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Otto Förschner

Post by Georg_S » 11 Jan 2005 21:36

Hello Th

Many thanks for that info, I reallly appriciated it.

Best reg.


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Post by Mikedc » 11 Jan 2005 22:18

Hey guys,

As far as I can figure out you're talking about Walter Plöw. And if I can follow it all correctly he served with SS-Division 'Wiking' from 1940 till 1942. After that he was assigned to the SS-WVHA and after that he served as CO from the SS-Flak-Abteilung with 11. SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division 'Nordland'. Let me know if I'm right with this.

And something else. TH just told us he, probably Plöw, served with 1. Kp from SS-Regiment 'Westland' and with SS-Ersatz-Battalion 'Westland'. Do you mean the SS-Ersatz-Battalion with SS-Regiment 'Westland' or just SS-Ersatz-Battalion 'Westland'???


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Post by Mikedc » 11 Jan 2005 22:29

Hello Georg,

I don't have anything on SS-Untersturmführer Morisse. Can you tell me something more about this officer???


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Post by Mikedc » 11 Jan 2005 23:28

Hello Juha,

Thanks for letting me know about your interest in the 'Wiking' and I believe you when you say you got so far already.
But I'm not really interested in 'Wiking', at least not in this manner. What I do is collecting info about all SS-officers I can find and that alone is already a hell of a job. And because I run a small business and I live on my own I also have other priorities in life. And because I didn't do anything with this history-hobby for around 20 years I never can catch up.

But sometimes it's interesting to dive into a division and because I was dealing with that casualty list I went into the 'Wiking' a bit deeper then I normally do with these kind off topics. I rather stick with my orginal plan to collect info about SS-officers but I find the 'Wiking' an interesting division.

If I check my files I'll probably find alot of Finnish officers who served in the 'Wiking' but I already can tell you that what you did is as far as complete as I've ever seen it. I can see you're really into this division and checking everything out there is to find out about it and that deserves some appreciation.

So I thank you very much for posting all these names and I'm sure it's a valuable piece of info for my own files. I already know I can start making some new files because alot of the names mentioned in your list do sound very unfamiliar to me.

Take care,

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Stellungsbesetzung der SS-Pz.Rgt.5 "Wiking"

Post by Georg_S » 12 Jan 2005 11:04

Source "Verweht sind die Spuren" (SS-Pz.Rgt.5 im Bild)

*= Photo available

SS-Oscha Aretz Zgfhr gef 44
SS-Hascha Heinrich Aumayer Zghfr Pz.-Flak

SS-Ustuf Anton Beck Zgfhr Pz.Kp MIA 43
SS-Ostuf Bans Kpfhr pz.-Kp Gef 44
SS-Ostuf Helmuth Bauer Kpfhr Pz.Kp. *
SS-Hascha Bedau Zgfhr Nachrichtenzug
SS-Hstuf d W-SS Dr Alfred Ingemar Berndt Abt.Fhr Gef 1945 *
SS-Hascha Reinhardt Beutel Zgfhr Pz.Aufkl.
SS-Ostuf Biermeier KpFhr Pz.Kp. Gef 43
SS-Hstuf Heinz Birnschein Abt.Adj. *
SS-Ustuf Blank Abt. IVa
SS-Oscha Erich Bock Zgfhr Pz.Kp.
SS-Ustuf Klaus Brand ZgFhr Pz.Flak MIA 45
SS-Ustuf Wolfgang Brandstetter ZgFhr Pz.Kp
SS-Ostuf Braun Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp. Gef 45
SS-Oscha Arno Bruder ZgFhr Pz.Kp.
SS-Hascha August Brünjes Spieß Pz.Kp.
SS-Ustuf Wolfgang Büscher ZgFhr Pz.Kp. Gef 43

SS-Hstuf Dr Capell Rgt Arzt Gef 45 (s.SS-Pz.Abt.503??) *
SS-Ustuf Fritz Carstens ZgFhr Pz.Kp. *
SS-Oscha Franz Czaja Zgfhr Pz.Kp.

SS-Ostubaf Fritz Darges Rgt.Kdr. *
SS-Osyif Fritz Dedelow Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp. *
SS-Hascha Sepp Draxenberg ZgFhr Pz.Pi.Kp. Gef 45 *

SS-Ustuf Kurt Eggers ZgFhr Pz.Kp. Gef 43 *
SS-Hascha Bernd Eilers ZgFhr Pz.Kp. MIA 44 *

SS-Ustuf Eugen Faas ZgFhr Pz.Kp.
SS-Ustuf Hans Falk ZgFhr Pz.Kp. Gef 44 *
SS-Ustuf Fink Abt.O1 Gef 44
SS-Oscha Hans Fischer ZgFhr Pz.Kp. *
SS-Ostuf Otto Fischer NO Gef 45 *
SS-Hstuf (SS-Stubaf?) Hans Flügel Abt.Kdr *
SS-Ostuf Förster Abt.Adj.
SS-Ostuf Enno Frels Kp.Fhr Stabs.Kp. *
SS-Ustuf Friedel ZgFhr Pz.Flak Gef 45
SS-Hstuf Dr. Fritzsche Rgt.Arzt

SS-Ustuf Geib Abt.TFK
SS-Ostuf Walter Geipel kp.Fhr Stabs.Kp
SS-Hascha Erich Giessler Werkstatt.Kp. Bergezug
SS-Ustuf Kurt Geissler OO Gef 45
SS-Ostuf Georg Glanert OO *
SS-Ostuf (SS-Stubaf?) Arthur Grathwol Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp.
SS-Ostuf Alfred Grossrock Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp. Gef 45 *
SS-Oscha Gundlach WerkstattKp.

Continue later today....

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Post by Georg_S » 12 Jan 2005 12:54

Stellungsbestzung SS-Pz.Rgt.5 (Cont.)

SS-Hstuf Karl Heinz Hagen Rgt.IVa
SS-Hstuf Karl Heinz Hahn Abt.Adj.
SS-Ostuf Fritz Hanke Rgt.NO
SS-Ustuf Havik
SS-Hstuf Willi Hein Abt.Kdr.
SS-Oscha Heinzelmann Zg.Fhr Pz.Kp Gef. 43
SS-Hascha Hackfort Zg.Fhr Pz.Kp Gef 43
SS-Ustuf Herrmann OO Gef 44
SS-Oscha Hintz Zg.Fhr Pz.Kp Gef 45
SS-Hstuf Hofmeister Kp.Fhr StabsKp. gef 44
SS-Ustuf Josef Hohenester Techn.Fhr der Abt.
SS-Hascha Holzinger Zg.Fhr Pz.Pi.Kp
SS-Hascha Josef Horstmann Spieß Pz.kp. Gef 44
SS-Oscha Gerhard Hosan Zg.Fhr Pz.Kp Gef 45
SS-Ustuf Karl Hübner Zg.Fhr Pz.Kp

Continue later..


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Juha Hujanen
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Post by Juha Hujanen » 12 Jan 2005 15:02

Thank's for your kind words Mike.

Here's my file of III.(finn.)/Norland.Its still incomplete.


IV/Norland (20.5.42 III.(finn.)/Norland)

-Hstuf.(Stubaf. 20.4.42,Ostubaf.20.4.43)Hans Collani 15.6.41 -23.10.42
-Ostubaf.Weitzdörfer 23.10.42-29.10.42
-Hstuf.Hoffmann 29.10.42-30.10.42
-Hstuf.Karl Hoy 30.10.42-31.10.42 (WIA 31.10.42)
-Stubaf.(Ostubaf.20.4.43) Hans Collani 11.42-11.7.43

-Ustuf.Rolf Hinrichs 15.6.41-9.2.42
-Ostuf.Helmut Hirt (WIA 20.10.42)

Supply officer

-Ostuf.(Hstuf Spring 42.)Erwin Kaatsch

Orderly officer OO1
-Ustuf.Hans Reus
-Ustuf.Heinz Ertel
-Ustuf.Helmut Scholz May 42-11.7.43


-Ustuf.Konrad Bläss


-Uscha.Karl-Heinz Flebbe


-Schärfhr.Ignatz Pospich


-Uscha.Friedrich Maurer


-Ostuf.(Hstuf.9.3.43)Dr.Gerhard Bumke 15.6.41-31.1.43
-Ostuf.Olli Somersalo [Finn] 31.1.43-11.7.43

Battailon Hilf-Artz

-Ostuf.Dr.Emil Necker

Battaillon Zahnartz

-Ustuf.(Ostuf.20.4.43)Wilhelm Franke 15.6.41-11.7.43


-Ustuf.Heinz Wille?


-Ostubaf.(Hstuf.)Karl Hoy 15.6.41-16.9.42
-Hstuf.Heinz Troiker(Treucker?) 16.9.42-13.10.42
-Ostuf.Wilhelm Pallesche 13.10-42-17.10.42 (KIA 17.10.42)
-Ustuf.Karl-Heinz Ertel 17.10.42-11.7.43


-Oscha.Max Drees


-Ostuf.Wilhelm Pallesche 15.6.41-31.1.42
-Ostuf.Karl-Erik Ladau [Finn] 1.2.42-26.3.42 (WIA 26.3.42)
-Ostuf.Werner(Bobby) Hilker 11.4.42.-13.8.42 (KIA 13.8.42)
-Ostuf.Hans-Joachim Porsch 14.8.42-8.10.42 (WIA 8.10.42)
(United to 12.Kp 9.10.42-8.12.42)
-Ostuf.Hans-Joachim Porsch 8.12.42-19.1.43 (KIA 19.1.43)
-Ostuf.Tauno Pohjanlehto [Finn] 19.1.43-12.3.43 (WIA 12.3.43)
-Ustuf.(Ostuf.)Mauri Sartio [Finn] 12.3.43-11.7.43


-Ostuf.Hartmann 15.6.41-23.11.41 (Suicide 24.11.41)
-Hstuf.Theodor Schnabl 25.11.41-13.8.42 (KIA 13.8.42)
-Ustuf.Gerd Lüttgens 13.8.42-16.8.42 (KIA 16.8.42)
-Ostuf.August Mühlinghaus 16.8.42-17.10.42 (KIA 17.10.42)
-Ostuf.Eugen Deck 17.10.42-11.7.43


-Ostuf.Franz Pleiner 15.6.41-4.7.42
-Hstuf.Brückner 4.7.42-8.8.42 (WIA 1.8.42 Died
-Ostuf.Karl-Erik Ladau [Finn] 8.12.42-18.2.43 (WIA 18.2.43)
-Ostuf.Yrjö Tenomaa 18.2.43-26.3.43
-Larko? 26.3.43-11.7.43


-Uscha.Paul Kaup

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Post by Mikedc » 13 Jan 2005 00:23

Hello George,

Thanks for the great contribution you're making here, this is really nice info. Although alot of names are in my files already there are also alot new ones and I know what to do when I've some spare time to work on this subject. I'm lucky that for the moment I still find time to check this forum and work on this hobby a bit but after February I won't be around that much anylonger. Beginning of March the touringseason will start and the first festivals will start.

And because I do PR, promotion, some marketing and I work with bands I already see alot of work will come my way. But that's my living and my life, so that's okay.

But as long as I can enjoy the company from all the forumguys/girls this is fine with me.

Juha wrote:
Thank's for your kind words Mike.

Hello Juha,

Oh well, that's nothing. If I appreciate somebody or what he's doing I just tell it. So I've to thank you again for the additional info on the III. Battalion with 'Nordland'. I've already seen some familiar names but also some names that are saying nothing to me so I think they're not in my files.
And that's great, that way I can expand my officers files again. Of course it means extra work but as long I'm able to do this I'll do it.

Take care both George and Juha.

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Post by Georg_S » 13 Jan 2005 07:40

Continuing SS-Stellungsbesetzung SS-Pz.Rgt.5

SS-Ustuf Kurt Jabs Abt.Adj.
SS-Hascha Leopold Jakubetz Zg.Fhr Pz.-Flak
SS-Ustuf Karl Jauss Zg.Fhr Pz.kp
SS-Ustuf Hans-Georg Jensen ABt.Adj. Gef 45
SS-Ostuf Hans-Georg Jessen Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp

SS-Ostuf Kaiser Kp.Fhr.Pz.Kp
SS-Ostuf Edwin Kalbskopf Abt.-Arzt
SS-Ustuf Horst Kampe Zg.Fhr. Pz.Kp
SS-Hstuf Hans Keppels Kp.Fhr. Pz.Kp
SS-Ostuf Heinrich August Kerkhoff Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp
SS-Oscha Wendelin Kessel Zg.Fhr Pz.Pi.Kp.
SS-Ostuf Horst Kieper Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp Gef 43
SS-Ostuf Kiesel Abt. IVa
SS-Hstuf (SS-Stubaf?) Ewald Klapdor Kp.Ch. Pz.Kp *
SS-Ostuf Hans Knorr Kp.Fhr Stabs.Kp Gef 45
SS-Oscha Karl Köhler Zg.Fhr. Nach.Zg
SS-Stubaf Hans Köller Abt.Kdr. Gef 44 *
SS-Ustuf Kolotschi Zg-Fhr.Pz.Kp. Gef 42
SS-Ustuf Heinz Köntop Abt. NO Gef 42 *
SS-Ustuf Kranitz Rgt.TFK
SS-Hascha Franz Krause Spiess Stabs.Kp.
SS-Oscha Karl Kühlewind Spiess Stabs.-Kp.
SS-Oscha Felix Kuchinka Zg.Fhr. Pz.Kp.
SS-Stubaf Paul Kümmel Abt.Kdr. *

SS-Ustuf Günther Lange Rgt. O 1 *
SS-Oscha Langzeiner Zg.Fhr Waffen u . Gerät
SS-Hstuf Karl-Heinz Lichte Abt.Kdr. *
SS-Ustuf Kurt Linke Zg.Fhr. Pz.Kp.
SS-Ostuf Lüthgarth Kp.Fhr. Stabs.Kp. Gef 45

SS-Ustuf Magiera Zg.Fhr. Kraderkund.
SS-Ostuf Josef Martin Kp.Fhr.Pz.Kp. Gef 44
SS-Ostuf Meckel Kp.Fhr Stabs.Kp. Gef 45
SS-Ostuf Herzog v. Mecklenburg Rgt. Ib Gef. 44
SS-Ustuf Meier Zg.Fhr. Pz.Kp. Gef 44
SS-Oscha Josef Menner Zg.Fhr. Pz.Kp. Gef 45
SS-Ostuf Metzger kp.Fhr.Pz.Kp.
SS-Ostuf Leo Mittelbacher kp.Fhr. Gef 44
SS-Ostuf Moritz Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp. Gef 44
SS-Staf Johannes Mülenkamp Rgt.Kdr *
SS-Ostuf Walter Multhoff Kp.Chef Pz.Kp. *

SS-Ustuf Neven du Mont Zg.Fhr. Pz.kp. Gef 44 *
SS-Hstuf Karl Nicolussi-Leck Kp.Chef 8./kp *
SS-Ustuf Horst Niemann Zg.Fhr. Pz.kp.
SS-Ostuf Günther Nitschke Rgt. TFK

SS-Oscha Helmut Olbert Zg.Fhr Kraderk. Gef 45
SS-Ostuf. Ola Olin Kp.Fhr. Pz.Kp *

SS-Ostuf Paetow Kp.Fhr Pz.Kp. Gef 45
SS-Ostubaf Otto Paetsch Abt.Kdr. Gef 45 *
SS-Ostuf Emil Paschke Abt. IVa Gef 44
SS-St.Ob.Junk Gerd Pfennig Zg.Fhr.pz.Kp. Gef 45
SS-Ostuf Pillhardt Rgt. Ib Gef 44
SS- St.Ob.Junk Pintscher Zg.Fhr. Pz.Kp. Gef 44
SS-Ustuf Günther Ploen Zg.Fhr.Pz.Kp.

SS-Hstuf Alois Reicher Abt.Kdr. *
SS-Ustuf Zg.Fhr.Pz.Kp.
SS-Ostuf Manfred Renz Rgt. O 1 *
SS-Ustuf Heinz Reuter Zg.Fhr.Pz.Kp.
SS-Hascha Friedrich Riedel Zg.Fhr.Pz.Flak. Gef 45
SS-Ustuf Dr. Riegelmann Abt.Zahnarzt
SS-Oscha Hugo Ruf Zg.Fhr.Pz.Kp. *
SS-Ostuf Gustav Rukoph Zg.Fhr. Werkstatt.Kp. Waffen u Gerät

I know how it can be Mike,
Good luck during the spring.


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Post by Jan-Hendrik » 17 Apr 2005 10:37

Well , I need Infos about Ostuf Senghas , he came withe the 2 Abholkommandos to Sennelager in 1945 . One of these Abholkommandos formes the well known KGr. Nicolussi-Leck , but the fate of the second os unknown ...

Could anybody help me ?


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Post by Mikedc » 18 Apr 2005 22:28

Hello Jan-Hendrik,

I don't have any info on Senghas, only the things that are already known about him.


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Post by Jan-Hendrik » 19 Apr 2005 13:33

Thanks .

I try to eruate the fate of the second Abholkommando , but still I have not much , only a few graves near Bielefeld where possibly members of this Abholkommando may be buried . ...


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SS-Hauptsturmführer Helmut Pförtner

Post by William Kramer » 21 May 2005 21:54

Hello all,

Here is a photo that I found while searching, it is of SS-Hauptsturmführer Helmut Pförtner of Germania
(commander till 28-2-43)

Hope this helps.

William Kramer
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