Who Are These Men With the German Soldier? (Photo)

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Who Are These Men With the German Soldier? (Photo)

Post by sylvieK4 » 06 Feb 2003 21:10

I found this photo online. The description does not identify the men in the truck shaking hands with the German motorcyclist.

Does anyone know anything about the men in the French uniforms? What does the "U" on the helmet refer to? Are these men auxilleries of some kind in occupied France? I am not sure where the photo was taken. I assume France. (?)

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Antonio Pena
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Who are These men with the German soldier (Photo)

Post by Antonio Pena » 06 Feb 2003 22:19

Hello, the men in the truck are members of the croatian Ustacha, the equivalent of the Waffen SS in Croatia, the uniform sure is of the older Yugoslavian army and also the helmets, maybe the photo was take in the initial phases of operation Marita when units of the old Yugoslavian army formed by croatians surrendered to the Germans and take the chariot of the victors.

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