Morin Group Organization

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Morin Group Organization

Post by lemansir » 28 Jul 2012 04:09

Can anyone provide me with the organization of the Morin Group that fought at the siege of Buda Pest and thier weapons? I have that there were 120 cadets and soldiers armed with panzerfausts and the group had 2 anti-tank guns.I assume that they had rifles or submachine guns of some sort?


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Re: Morin Group Organization

Post by CB1 » 05 Aug 2012 17:16


It is in fact Morlin. He was an artillery instructor and became a Jesuit priest after the war.

I bumped into two documents related to this unit to be found in the collection of studies in the Military Archives (HLTGY):

Botár, Elek: A Morlin-csoport[The Morlin Group], TGY 3368

Rhédey, Tamás: A Morlin-csoport története a budapesti ostrom idején[The History of the
Morlin Group at the Time of the Siege of Budapest], TGY 3271

I do not know if they available for researchers upon request or whether you are that interested in the OoB :-)


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