Sources/Info on Bulgarian Generals

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Sources/Info on Bulgarian Generals

Post by Steen Ammentorp » 13 Mar 2002 20:22

In an effort to prevent this forum to be purely "German" and trying to make it "Axis" ;-) I would like ask its member to help me with finding sources or information on Bulgarian generals. Taking into account the normal focus, I don't expect much. Hey! I’m just trying to provoke a response.

So prove me wrong!
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The Generals of World War Two

David Thompson
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Post by David Thompson » 20 Jul 2002 21:50

Here's some information, with a heavy assist from your site. I hope it helps

Lukesch, or Loukash, Konstantin [Bulgarian Lieutenant-General] – chief, Bulgarian General Staff 1941-1943 {sentenced to death 15 Mar 1945 for war crimes by Bulgarian People's Court at Sofia (NYT 17 Mar 1945:4:4); subsequent fate unknown (Steen Ammentorp).}

Mihov or Mikhoff, Nikola (1891-1945) [Bulgarian Lieutenant-General] -- commandant of Bulgarian Military Academy; Bulgarian Inspector-General of Artillery; commander, Bulgarian V Corps (Macedonia) 1941; Bulgarian Minister of War 1942-1943; Regent of Bulgaria 1943-1945 {forced to sign papers legitimizing his successors and arrested 15 Sept 1944 (NYT 16 Sept 10:3); indicted for war crimes 18 Dec 1944 (NYT 19 Dec 1944:14:8); returned from arrest in the USSR 30 Dec 1944 (NYT 31 Dec 1944:13:3); condemned to death by a special Bulgarian tribunal at Sofia 28 Jan 1945; executed at Sofia 1 Feb 1945 (NYT 29 Jan 1945:4:1; NYT 2 Feb 1945:3:8; NYT 3 Feb 1945:6:2). (Steen Ammentorp).}

Nikolov or Nikoloff, Assin [Bulgarian General] -- commander, Bulgarian I Corps of Occupation (Serbia) 1942 (Steen Ammentorp){sentenced to death 15 Mar 1945 for war crimes by Bulgarian People's Court at Sofia; execution announced 19 Mar 1945 by Bulgarian authorities (NYT 17 Mar 1945:4:4; LT 20 Mar 1945:3:d).}

Ruseff, Russia -- Bulgarian Minister of War {sentenced to life imprisonment in solitary confinement 1 Feb 1945 by the Bulgarian People's Court at Sofia for war crimes. (NYT 2 Feb 1945:3:8).}

Simov, _____ [Bulgarian General] -- Bulgarian military commander, occupied Greece {condemned to death by Bulgarian People's Court at Sofia for war crimes; execution announced by Bulgarian authorities 19 Mar 1945 (LT 20 Mar 1945:3:d).}

Triphon or Triphonoff, _____ [Bulgarian General] -- chief of Bulgarian General Staff {sentenced to death 15 Mar 1945 for war crimes by Bulgarian People's Court at Sofia; subsequent fate unknown. (NYT 17 Mar 1945:4:4).}

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