Romanian Navy ranks

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Romanian Navy ranks

Post by VJK » 10 Feb 2016 16:19

As per the pic below, the senior ranks of the Royal Romanian Navy were:
Amiral de flotă (King Mihail I) (1 thick, 1 medium, 5 thin stripes)
Amiral (1 thick, 1 medium, 3 thin stripes)
Viceamiral (1 thick, 1 medium, 2 thin stripes)
Contraamiral (1 thick, 1 medium, 1 thin stripe)

However, in the attached pics we can see both King Ferdinand I and King Carol II wearing 1 thick, 1 medium, 4 thin stripes. What rank was this?

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Re: Romanian Navy ranks

Post by georgica » 08 Jan 2017 16:18

The Romanian Royals beside being Kings also held title of Supreme Commander of all Romanian Military Forces

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