Czechoslovak army

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John Withill
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Czechoslovak army

Postby John Withill » 07 Dec 2017 08:21

Any one got anything at all about the Czech and Slovak armies during world war 2 ?

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Waleed Y. Majeed
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Re: Czechoslovak army

Postby Waleed Y. Majeed » 07 Dec 2017 10:32

Didn't know it existed as a national army after the annexation. Some fought on as part of the Wehrmacht, the Polish and Soviet armed forces, Czech forces in exile and French foreign legion. Some as SOE agents, RAF pilots etc., but as an independent
Czech/Slovak army...?

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Re: Czechoslovak Army of France

Postby Loïc » 07 Dec 2017 16:55

In France it existed in 1939-1940 a true Czechoslovakian Army, as in 1917-1918 and like the Polish Army, who was restored in the camp d'Agde in Languedoc

France didn't recognize the news states, there was still a Czechoslovakian provisional government in exile and an Army like for the Polish
around 12 000 citizens were mobilised, even an Air Force planned for 2 fighter and one bomber group from the numerous pilots joining the Armée de l'Air

the aborted «1st Czechoslovakian Division» was raised but due to the circumstances their 1st and 2nd Infantry Regiments served within 2 French Divisions (the 23e DI and 239e DLI) in june 1940,
datas and Archives about the rebirth of the Czechoslovakian Army in France in this thread ... coslovaque

part of these men could escape to Great Britain

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Sid Guttridge
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Re: Czechoslovak army

Postby Sid Guttridge » 07 Dec 2017 17:08

I would highly recommend Axis Slovakia for the Slovaks, particularly the text: ... s+slovakia


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Re: Czechoslovak army

Postby Cekekb » 07 Dec 2017 19:43

Through the war there were:

In Poland
- one air squadron
- battalion- sized "Czechoslovak legion", took part in AA defence

In France:
-1st Infantry division - 2 ingantry regiments and engineer company saw combat in June 1940
couple hundred airmen - about

In the UK
-4 RAF squadrons - fighter wing with three squadrons and bomber squadron
-Independent armoured brigade - besieged Dunkerque from October 44 until May 45

In the Middle East
-Independent infantry battalion - fought in Syria a in defense of Tobruk, later reorganized as AA artillery regiement

in the USSR
-Independent infantry battalion was formed in 1942, by the end of war there was army corps with four infantry brigades, a tank brigade and air froce division

Slovak forces during the 44 uprising were considered part of Czechoslovak army, even designated as "1st Czechoslovak army"

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